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Upon his return to Kenya, Prof. Odhiambo, took up a position as a lecturer in the Department of Zoology at the University of Nairobi. In 1967, he was approached by the Science journal to write a review on the status of science in Africa. In the article, Prof. Odhiambo observed that scientific research was urgently required in the then postcolonial Africa, to develop environmentally safe strategies to increase agricultural production, and to address prevalent tropical and vector borne diseases. He stressed that the science conducted in Africa should have at its heart the elevation of the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

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Zoology 101 Animal Biology
Zoology 151/153–152 Introductory Biology
Zoology 504 Modeling Animal Landscapes
Zoology 550 Animal Communication and the Origins of Language

Students are responsible for arranging with a faculty member to supervise the project and are urged to consult their department honors advisor for guidance in finding faculty appropriate to their interests. Thesis mentors are not restricted to faculty in the Department of Zoology. Students are encouraged to explore opportunities that best suit their individual research interests. They may select research mentors from among research faculty in the entire biological research community on campus.

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c. Zoology 101 and 102 (lecture and lab), 5 credits. Botany 130 General Botany, 5 credits, is recommended but not required for students who take Zoology 101 and 102. The 5 credits of Botany 130 will automatically be applied to the 30 required zoology credits.

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Genetics (466 General Genetics)
Evolution (410 Evolutionary Biology, or 360 Extinction of Species)
Ecology (460 General Ecology, or 315/316 Limnology)
Classification/Anatomy (302 Intro to Entomology, or 430 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates)
Developmental or Cellular Biology (470/555 Animal Development, or 570 Cell Biology) Physiology (611/612 Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology, or 523 Neurobiology, or 603 Endocrinology)
And/or courses in ethology or specific taxa to make a total of 30 credits in Zoology (335 Human/Animal Relationships, 350 Parasitology, 510/511 Ecology of Fishes, 520/521 Ornithology/Birds of Southern Wisconsin

Zoology is the study of animals

All students must fulfill the L&S requirement of at least 15 credits of upper-level work in the major completed in residence. Zoology courses numbered 300–699, and all Biocore courses, count toward this requirement.

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The zoology major emphasizes critical thinking and conceptual skills that come from an understanding of how scientific information is obtained and evaluated, and of how this information can be applied to societal issues. The major provides a solid foundation in genetic, cellular, physiological, ecological, and evolutionary principles, and in the related disciplines of chemistry, physics, and mathematics. As a result, the major fosters an understanding of biological complexity including the interrelationships among humans and natural systems.

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The zoology major is a gateway to the diverse areas of modern animal biology. The major can be tailored to prepare students for advanced study and careers in many different areas: health professions and public health; law; life sciences research in university, government, and industrial settings; education including museum, nature center, secondary school, and college teaching; biotechnology; and environmental studies.