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The Riemann hypothesis is so famous because no one has been able to solve it for 150 years.

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The Riemann Hypothesis confirmation and its links to operators and random matrix theories are the direct mathematical implications of this bold view."


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The proof is so simple that we suspect that there could be an error thatwe are unable to find."

, , 23 September 2013"Yessenbek Ushtenov, a mechanical engineer from Saryagash town, Kazakhstan, claims to to have solved one of the seven problems of the millennium, the Riemann hypothesis, Alau-Kazakhstan public-political magazine writes..."


I recently spent some time on the formidable website which explains mathematical ideas, some important, some recreational, in short and accessible videos. Definitely worth checking out. One of the videos that is most relevant to us explains the Riemann Hypothesis:

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Enoch gave a twenty minute presentation, "A Matrix That Generates the Point Spectral of the Riemann Zeta Function" at the earlier in November 2015.

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Yuan-You Fu-Rui Cheng, (10/2008)[abstract:] "The Riemann zeta function is a meromorphic function on the whole complex plane.

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Aizenberg, (12/2007)[abstract:] "We present an elementary, short and simple proof of the validity of the Lindelöf hypothesis about the Riemann zeta-function.

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This means that if you prove the Riemann hypothesis you prove a whole bunch of other conjectures too, because people have already made a proofs that have only one assumption: the Riemann hypothesis.

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By constructing a continuous family of scaling-like operators involvingthe Gauss-Jacobi theta series, and by invoking a novel CT-invariantQuantum Mechanics, involving a judicious charge conjugation $C$and time reversal $T$ operation, we show why the Riemann Hypothesis is true."This follows earlier attempts:C.

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Zerbini, (abstract) "We comment on some apparently weak points in the novel strategies recently developed by various authors aiming at a proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

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We model the fractal fluctuations of the smooth Wu-Sprungpotential (that capture the average level density of zeros) by recurring to a weighted superposition of Weierstrass functions $W(x,p,D)$ and where the summation has to be performed over all primes $p$ in order to recapture the connection between the distribution of zeta zeros and primenumbers.