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prior to coming to nyu, julia obtained her law degree from uc davis and a master's degree in human rights from columbia university. ayasha completed her bachelor's degree at the university of pennsylvania in 2012, where she studied urban and environmental studies and minored in anthropology and photography. mellon pre-doctoral fellow at the museum of the city of new york. principals' perspective of sustainable partnerships in new york city's new school initiative. maccracken doctoral fellow in american studies at new york university.

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her undergraduate thesis, which folded ethnographic interviews into literary analysis and creative writing, explored the use of radical pedagogy as an instrument of community organizing in feminist organizations. model exploring a syndemic among hiv-positive gay, bisexual, and other msm over fifty in new york city. while the prospectus defense takes the form of an oral examination, its principal purpose is to reach an agreement with prospective future members of the student's thesis committee as to the shape and substance of the project. her work also investigates the new territory of racial capitalism forged by islamophobia and us neocolonialism; and the authorizing discourse of racial injury and remedy with respect to jewish identity. he studied business, policy, and poverty as well as urban studies as an undergraduate at the university of pennsylvania.

his stories have been broadcast on all things considered, marketplace and the bbc, and his work was included in the new york times bestselling book mom: a celebration of moms from storycorps and in gawker¹s best posts of 2013. her dissertation “making zone a: flooding and resilience on nyc’s most vulnerable shores” is a socio-ecological study of four new york city waterfront communities and the environmental histories of their settled land. a student is ready to start work on the phd thesis, the. entrepreneurs and the founding of charter schools in new york city. carver is a writer, educator, and sometimes designer based in new york.

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it should not be a philosophy paper, but rather a thesis plan that (1) clearly articulates an interesting philosophical problem in a way that (2) displays the student's knowledge of the problem's place in the space of philosophical ideas and, in particular, of the leading attempts to resolve the problem, and (3) gives as clear an indication as the student can give at this early stage of how he or she intends to organize the thesis, and of what he or she expects his or her contribution to be, that is, of what the thesis will add to the existing literature. she holds an ma in english from the university of massachusetts at amherst. before his graduate studies, bauer served as editor of the daily texan, the student newspaper of the university of texas at austin, and worked as a reporter, writer and researcher in texas and massachusetts. school of culture, education, and human development - 82 washington square east, new york, ny 10003. critical ethnographic examination of new jersey's education policy landscape and its influence on foreign language elementary school teacher practice.

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his senior thesis, divide on the lower east side, laid the groundwork for his research interests in gentrification, public-housing, neighborhood ethnography, and community responses to urban change. his publications include essays in la jicarita: an online magazine of environmental politics in new mexico; a chapter, “greenwashing and the scrubbing of united states and israeli settler colonialisms”, in the anthology queer after homonationalism and pinkwashing, under review by duke university press, and an article “the colonial hydropolitics of infrastructure in the middle rio grande valley”, forthcoming from wires water. resilience of latino boys attending single-sex high schools in new york city: an examination of four school climate factors.. arts politics from nyu's tisch school of the arts after working as an artist creating work in an activist key for almost a decade in chicago and new york city. over-scheduling hypothesis and child-directed play: relationships among mothers' expectations for children's learning, parenting practices, and 3-year-olds' time use.

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Elaine Rubinoff has worked for Learning for a Sustainable Future since 1995. She began as Program Manager providing partnership development and project management until 2002 at which time she assumed the role of Director of Programs and Administration. Elaine’s prior positions include: Administrative Assistant in the Legal and Commodities Departments at George Weston Limited; Registered Sales Representative at Richardson Greenshields; Aboriginal Parole Officer with the Toronto Parole Board. Elaine is a graduate of York University.