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Roland GS instruments contain 1 microtunable octave per part. There are 16 or 32 parts depending on the instrument polyphony. Yamaha has defined one global microtunable octave in the XG specification. Unfortunately, in many cases these scales are only available by sending MIDI System Exclusive messages on each MIDI channel. This page shows how to download microtunings to your GS or XG synth and includes many example scales.

What FM I do use comes from one of the last hurrahs of '80s FM synthesis, the Yamaha DX11 and TX81z

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Using the Importer function, external phrase files and MIDI clips can be brought into your song easily, and software for editing XG plug-in expansion boards (PLG series) can be integrated to allow full editing of every PLG Yamaha have and will release.

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>Or try Yamaha's sxg50 softsynth

NOVASTATION deleted my version of Yamaha's sxyg50 form my HD because
it used the same files (or something), and then crashed my 'puter!

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The Yamaha TG100 was Yamaha's foray into the small, computer side, General MIDI synth, aimed at gamers and hobby musicians (this was before Yamaha introduced their XG line). Of course, Roland had a lock on this, somewhat small market already going back to the MT-32 and CM/GS line.

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The Wendy Carlos web site contains K2000 SysEx Tuning Table document, K2000 SysEx buttons document, Alternate Tuning Guide to the Kurzweil K1000, K2000, K2500 and FS150, Tuning Table file and even SysEx files for retuning the Yamaha TX802 and SY77 and Kurzweil K2000/K2500 with Wendy Carlos' favorite microtonal scales. Unfortunately, most of the these files are in Macintosh specific hqx compressed files and pict graphic file formats.

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Soundcard with XG/XG software synthesis or MIDI interface for external module operation XG-compatible tone module or S-YXG50/SYXG100 SoftSynthesizer MPC2 compliant sound card (such as DS-XG,WF192XG,SW1000XG) if using audio hard disk recording functions.