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The importance of brand recognition also transfers to smaller distilleries and breweries. For microbreweries and brewpubs, brand recognition and packaging of products play a role in distribution, even if only in a small geographic area. Don Cotter, one of the founders of Naked Dove Brewing Company in Canandaigua, New York brews an amazing product. Naked Dove prides themselves on using high quality ingredients to produce a consistent and unique product. The beers produced at Naked Dove are available at 180 different restaurants and bars within a 30-mile radius of the brewery. Naked Dove offers 4 consistent beers on tap as well as two seasonal choices. This allows Naked Dove the ability to offer consistency to their clientele while allowing for seasonal variation. Naked Dove does not bottle it’s beer, rather their distribution model relies on retail sales of growlers and kegs within the brewery and direct sales to restaurants and bars. Naked Dove sells the experience of the brewery. When customers come in for a tasting, they are able to talk directly to the owners and to Jen the beautiful brewing assistant. Tours are often given of the 15-barrel brewery, resulting in an experience being had as opposed to beer being purchased.

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While packaging of distilled spirits and beer has come a long way since the 1820s, consumers are still attracted to products sold in unique containers. When brand recognition has been established, visualization of a logo elicits an automatic response in the viewer. A combination of a high quality product and amicable branding will improve the conception of the brewery or distillery by consumers and set the establishment apart from competition. Having a strong brand identity makes it easier to explain the craft beverage to new customers while keeping future endeavors on track with the mission statement of the establishment. A strong brand image is also valuable to the business as a whole. When a logo or image has been established, the brewery or distillery becomes much more valuable than the equipment and inventory housed in the establishment. The brand tells customers what to expect from the products offered. Customers are purchasing into the brands portrayed to them in addition to the actual product. Offering customers a well packaged product and experience will in turn equal a higher price point for products and result in a higher percentage of growth for the establishment.

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That is equivalent to drinking a single beer (15g ethyl alcohol) over a period of 8,000 years. Given that much of the industrialized world has production and distribution industries for the express purpose of providing consumers with ethyl alcohol, and that said alcohol is consumed in units roughly 3,000,000 times the equivalent of the US EPA's reference dose for dioxin, then we must assume that dioxins are quite irrelevant.

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