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Thaler R (1988) Anomalies: the winner's curse. Journal of Economic Perspectives 2: 191–202.

Washburn and the Winner’s Curse

Turning back to a still fuming Desertwind, Zhanch said, "Well, your father’s been up to his old tricks again. You may want to review Tess’s records before saying hello to him. Tess, direct hir to one of the smaller holosuites, and have the New Kiev mess ready for hir. If shi still wants more, you can show hir my first hours onboard the ."

Charles Darwin, who popularized the modern theory of evolution, said:

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Lighttouch nodded in the direction of the two Rakshani. "Just watching their faces and ears, you could see Dessa was rubbing Wenfrec’s muzzle in something she did not care for. Her change in body language suggests that she is now showing Dessa more respect, so it may have been age or rank related."

The winner’s curse hypothesis is directly tested flowing from and the unique data availability.

“Starblazer is about six months older, but at times you’d swear they were twins,” Neal told the chakat as they watched the two scamper down a corridor and into a waiting elevator. Neal finished clearing his desk just as they ran in, a strategically placed chair made it an easy two-step leap for cub and kit and Neal disappeared under a small pile of fur. He returned their hugs before turning Firestorm around towards the pickup. “May I present Chakat Firestorm, daughter of Rushingstream and Whitepaws.”

George Wald, a Nobel Prize winner and head of the department of biology at Harvard, said:

"You want them to win?" Rosepetal asked, a little confused.

Once they were all groomed and dressed, the twins started showing Goldfur and Garrek around the – that is until they got a look at the unfinished . They were still cheerfully rooting around its innards when Tess warned them that it was dinnertime.

"You called them twins," Garrek commented.

Handing Garrek and Goldfur each a brush, the twins stepped away from them and spread their arms and legs. They were immediately covered in what looked like a watery halo that covered their entire bodies. Five seconds later, the halo disappeared, leaving them looking clean but unkempt.

"," Windsong sent, confused by the unexpected about face.

Windsong was at the doors when shi looked back; only Longstripe, Desertsand, Silverpelt, and Fireglow remained. It was hard to tell who was whom without hir other senses, as they were so completely covered in the remains of the pies. Fireglow made a shooing gesture as Silverpelt asked hir to close the doors behind hir. Windsong grinned as shi nodded and closed the doors. Unless they had learned to tone it down, the others would know what they were up to soon enough.

"Do you think they considered us?" Quickwind wondered.

While Neal helped keep the cubs occupied, Goldfur and Garrek had followed the twins into what looked like a suit room with a set of airlocks at the other side. Having been told earlier that Neal wasn’t buying suits for the kids to outgrow, they were surprised to find not only a pair of suits for the twins, but also another pair with their names on them. Each of the suits had a pressure gauge that read two atmospheres, except the one marked Garrek, it only read one atmosphere. After pressurizing it to two atmospheres, they found a small tear in the joint for the right fore knee. After replacing the joint with one from the parts locker, they donned the suits and tested them again before heading for the airlock.

"Terror twins to the bridge!" Redtail called into her comm.

Shi was not quite out of the showers when a pair of paws grabbed each of hir wrists and dragged hir to the pool. Once in the pool, one pair of paws started shampooing hir hair, while the other pair started rubbing soap into hir backs, eliciting an unexpected but very happy purr from hir. With hir eyes covered in shampoo, Windsong used hir other senses to see who was working hir over so nicely. Sending out a thread of thought, shi quickly reeled it back in when shi realized it was the youth that had threatened to burn hir ears off.