Am I an atheist if I am not sure of God's existence?

I largely don't believe in an after life, but my atheism is not what takes me there.

Why I Am Not A Christian, years ago.

Having decided that they do not believe in gods and organised religion, some people are content to give such matters no further thought and to get on with other aspects of their lives. Others, however, decide to “go public” and join atheist and freethought organisations.

I treat the Christian God no different from the Hindu Gods, the .Ricky Gervais: Why I'm an Atheist.

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Read Bertrand Russell's "Why I Am Not A Christian" and Hector Hawton's "The Thinker's Handbook," both published by Watts Co. of London. Read "The Origin and Evolution of The Idea of a Soul" by Paul La Fargue. Also "The Evolution of the Idea of God," by Grant Allen.

Why I m Not an Atheist: The Case for Agnosticism.

Dealing with distant and unknown and invisible powers has been a profitable field for fakers and racketeers from time immemorial, and I am sorry to say that rabbis, priests and ministers must be included in this category. Everyone of them are quacks. You heard me correctly. The man in the pulpit who makes you think he is publicly praying to god is a quack. The man who comes to your home and offers to pray (or beg) to a god for a cure of anyone's soul or body is a quack. He may not know it but he is. When the priest does his mumbo jumbo for fee or salary he is indulging in quackery. No, I will not exempt the protestant clergymen. Of course most of them are sincere just as many quacks of medicine are when they try to sell you their pet remedies. Do not be t aken in. Do not be fooled by the clergymen's neatly tailored black clothes and their cultured manners. It is all window dressing. Beware of these wolves (some of them are wolves) in sheep's clothing. Have you ever noticed that the women far outnumber the men in every church service? It is not hard to know why. But I am not going to stick my neck out and say. I will let you think that out for yourself. I only know that many men who do go to church are dragged there. A few are henpecked. These male wolves i n their black frocks go after the rich as well as the poor bleeding them of large amounts of their financial blood. As for the widows they love to be fleeced and buncoed by their good looking pastors. Why should they mind writing out those fat checks for the church? They figure they will receive a mansion in the sky in return. These rich communicants may not know it but they are very unbusiness like. They are buying a pig in a poke, buying blindly, as the eastern suckers used to do when they bought distan t Florida real estate by mail, only to find out later that they had bought worthless swamp land. These rich contributors eventually will die without ever a deed for their heavenly real estate which they bought sight unseen, and which actually does not exi st. After death it will be too late for the deceased to come back to get even with their fast talking pastors, who by then will have moved on to other cities to reap additional harvests.

Most people, upon hearing my story, .Angry Atheists: Why Are Atheists So Angry All the Time?

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Soon afterwards, no doubt as a reaction to being at an Anglican boarding school, I toyed with the idea of converting to Catholicism. This romantic reactionary phase was brief, because I soon found I could not swallow the notion of the Trinity. For a few months I dropped belief in the Holy Ghost and retained belief in God the Father and God the Son, but of course I started questioning whether it was reasonable to belief even in this dual godhead, and I soon concluded that it was not. I was about ten at the time.

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In other words, my atheism is evidential and probabilistic: it is not a matter of dogma or faith in the religious sense. I do not “believe in” things the way religious people do: in fact I do not approve of “believing in”! And I see no need for the supernatural or for magic to explain the workings of the world around me. I suspect people created the notion of gods, souls, divine intercession and religious ritual because such people did not like the idea that, at death, their personalities would be extinguished, and for ever.

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I do not think I had ever been introduced to skepticism until I attended the seminary where the students are wisely taught the heresies of the past. That is the best place to learn them. At private bull sessions in dormitory rooms where everything was dis cussed it was evident that some of the more advanced students had doubts about the virgin birth, the resurrection and the miracles. But I came out of the seminary with a sound faith in God despite some uncertainties about so-called fundamentals. Thus I be came what is popularly known as a modernist preacher rather than a fundamentalist.