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Later in the 1950’s Melvin Calvin researched photosynthesis using euglena and other organisms and
discovered the Calvin Benson Cycle which captures carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.
Melvin Calvin was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this discovery.

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In the year 1939, Robert Hill (1899-1991) a British plant biochemist proved that oxygen is evolved in the process of light reactions in the beginning of the photosynthesis process.

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Euglena can grow using sunlight, water, CO2 and fertilizers with its capability to photosynthesize like plants. Another special feature is its capability to grow under high CO2 concentration of 1000 times the normal content in air.

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discovered the beginnings of photosynthesis.

In the year 1772, Joseph Priestly (1733-1804) the English natural philosopher and chemist was the first to produce the benefits of the photosynthesis process. He was able to reach that conclusion when he proved that the plant can restore the air lost by the burning of a candle. He put a candle then a mouse in a closed jar and found that the candle burnt out quickly, then he proved that the plant can help the mouse to be active again.

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These kinds of observations led Priestley to offer an interesting hypothesis that plants restore to the air whatever breathing animals and burning candles remove - what was later coined by Lavoisier "oxygen".

In these experiments, Priestly was the first to observe that plants release oxygen into the air - the process known to us as .

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Photosynthesis is the process in which the living organism that contain chlorophyll can change the carbon dioxide with the presence of water and sun light to produce food in the form of sugar. The photosynthesis is a process that is performed in algae, some types of bacteria and most important plants. The photosynthesis products are food and oxygen.

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In this experiment Ingenhousz demonstrated that plants are dependent on light and their green parts for nutrients and energy.

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Euglena, microalgae with the features of both plants and animals grows in fresh water.
It can store energy by the means of photosynthesis like plants while it can also move around like other microorganisms.
Organisms that have both the features of plants and animals are very rare in biology.