In enzymology, a starch synthase ..

"Starch and oligosaccharide synthesis from uridine diphosphate glucose"

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Most of the triose phosphate synthesised in chloroplasts is converted to either sucrose or starch

The roles of these enzymes in starch synthesis have been studied, ..

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Regulation of Starch Biosynthesis in Response to a Fluctuating Environment Plant Physiology

Knowing the similaritiesbetween it and nitrocellulose, and having performed the synthesis of nitrocellulosenumerous times before, it was realizedthat nitro starch could be made in a similar way, and so experiments wereperformed to find outexactly how.

Spatiotemporal Profiling of Starch Biosynthesis and Degradation in the Developing Barley Grain Plant Physiology

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The role of glycogenin in glycogen synthesis. Glycogenin is a protein that constitutes the nucleation centre for the formation of glycogen. The protein possesses self‐glucosylating activity that attaches 6–8 glucose residues in α(1,4)‐linkage to the hydroxyl group of a tyrosine (Tyr) residue in the protein. Following attachment of the glucose residues the complex becomes a substrate for further addition of glucose residues via the actions of glycogen synthase and glycogen branching enzyme.

Glycogen, Starch and Sucrose Synthesis

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