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And his sister, Dorothy, detailed many exhilarating walks with her brother in her journals. In October 1800, “There was a most lovely combination at the head of the vale—of the yellow autumnal hills wrapped in sunshine, and overhung with partial mists, the green and yellow trees and the snow-topped mountains. It was a most heavenly morning.”

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To be able to understand how to capture something like this, I will be looking at exactly what the City Walk is, how it has functioned and the ideas surrounding it before going into my argument of how it should be captured, recorded and displayed.

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More recently, a student named Emma Sulkowicz carried her mattress around Columbia University in 2014 and 2015. The action, which she called “Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight),” served as her senior thesis and as a protest against rape on campus. It stemmed from what Sulkowicz alleges was her own rape by a fellow student, whom a university disciplinary panel ultimately declared “not responsible.” Her walking with her mattress created a kind of extended empathy, something that expanded beyond her to greater issues. The act itself seems mundane, but when put into a context is charged and draws in others who feel oppressed or harmed in a similar way. The act became contagious: other students joined in the effort by helping Sulkowicz carry her mattress, and students carried mattresses across campuses nationwide in solidarity.

Our faces are buried, and I don’t mean in the sand