In other words, they propose that life on Earth is not of this earth.

But was early life indigenous to Earth or could it have arrived from space and seeded the Earth?

In a nutshell, their theory holds that all of life comes from space.

Propagation Method #1: Lithopanspermia:Cometary Panspermia
The H-W Model sees comets as the primary carrier of the “seed of life” (defined above).

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What is the definition of abiogenesis?

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What is the theory of directed panspermia?

This idea is not as fringe as you may think. For example, some scientists argue that, in the ancient past, the Martian environment was more conducive to life's emergence than that of Earth.

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While accepting the fact that life on Earth evolved over the course of about four billion years, they say that the genetic programs for higher evolution cannot be explained by random mutation and recombination among genes for single-celled organisms, even in that long a time: the programs must come from somewhere beyond Earth.

Panspermia theory claims life on Earth ..

So while life may have emerged from on Earth — a theory that many scientists support — the molecules that eventually transformed into the earliest life forms had to come from somewhere, and that "somewhere" may have been space.

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Propagation Method #2: Radiopanspermia
Microscopic forms of life are propagated in space, driven by the radiation pressure from stars.

But what is the Panspermia Theory

On a different track, in the early 1970s, British chemist and inventor James Lovelock proposed the theory that life controls Earth's environment to make it suitable for life.

Are there evidences supporting directed panspermia hypothesis?

Questions about life originating elsewhere raise additional questions about designed or created life, which is not a comfortable topic in naturalistic circles.

Directed panspermia is one of the many strange hypotheses that have been suggested to explain the origins of life on Earth.

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See also , which is this trope in reverse (alien life coming from Earth); and , which is only about the human species being extraterrestrial in origin.