Hypothesis Testing of a Single Population Mean

The test statistic for examining hypotheses about one population mean:

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Online sampling statistics calculators to easily calculate mean, standard deviation and variance of sample and population. Sampling in statistics is the selection of a subset of individuals within a statistical population to estimate characteristics of the whole population. Mean is the average of all the data in a set divided by the total number of data in a set. Variance is the average squared deviation of each number from its mean. The standard deviation is the square root of variance.

A clue to finding an approximate solution to Problem B is to consider the analogous problem with arithmetic means:

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ExampleNine dogs and ten cats were tested to determine if there is a difference in theaverage number of days that the animal can survive without food. The dogsaveraged days with a standard deviation of days while the cats averaged days with a standard deviation of days. What can be concluded?

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One popular attempt to solve Problem B is to retain the standard Markowitz algorithm, but to use as return inputs for the individual assets not the arithmetic means of the yearly returns, but rather the geometric means. Unfortunately, this apparently plausible approach lacks any mathematical validity.

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The clinical trial in this example finds a statistically significant reduction in total cholesterol, whereas in the previous example where we had a historical control (as opposed to a parallel control group) we did not demonstrate efficacy of the new drug. Notice that the mean total cholesterol level in patients taking placebo is 217.4 which is very different from the mean cholesterol reported among all Americans in 2002 of 203 and used as the comparator in the prior example. The historical control value may not have been the most appropriate comparator as cholesterol levels have been increasing over time. In the next section, we present another design that can be used to assess the efficacy of the new drug.

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Here again we find that there is a statistically significant difference in mean systolic blood pressures between men and women at p + 1.26 or (0.44, 2.96). The confidence interval provides an assessment of the magnitude of the difference between means whereas the test of hypothesis and p-value provide an assessment of the statistical significance of the difference.

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In the two independent samples application with a continuous outcome, the parameter of interest in the test of hypothesis is the difference in population means, μ12. The null hypothesis is always that there is no difference between groups with respect to means, i.e.,

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We do not reject H0 because -0.96 > -2.145. We do not have statistically significant evidence at α=0.05 to show that the mean total cholesterol level is lower than the national mean in patients taking the new drug for 6 weeks. Again, because we failed to reject the null hypothesis we make a weaker concluding statement allowing for the possibility that we may have committed a Type II error (i.e., failed to reject H0 when in fact the drug is efficacious).