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Haresh Kirpalani, BM, MRCP, FRCP, MSc, is an an attending neonatologist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and a professor of pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the

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The module allows you to study an area of interest in significant depth and allows you to demonstrate a clear understanding of what has been learnt through a variety of means; a literature review, a research proposal, an oral presentation and a substantial dissertation.

born in and educated in the . He trained as a pediatrician in the , and worked in , . After this, he completed his pediatric training in Newcastle-U-Tyne and was a senior fellow in neonatology at the Hospital for Sick Children in . He also completed an MSc in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics at , defending the thesis: “Hope and Biology — Can Quality of Life Be Predicted in Spina Bifida?”

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This order may seem backwards. However, it is difficult to write an abstract until you know your most important results. Sometimes, it is possible to write the introduction first. Most often the introduction should be written next to last.

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To apply to the MSc thesis-based option in Rehabilitation Science, you will need to complete the and submit the application fee. You will also be required to send the following items in support of your application by the deadline.

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Your thesis proposal should be reviewed by your supervisor and submitted to the graduate co-ordinator. Masters thesis proposals are then distributed to all faculty to review - this usually takes two weeks or so, and you should expect them to read it through in detail. You will likely get editorial suggestions, and possibly substantial amendments. Commonly we look at the resources required to do the work (how many analyses? who is paying?), and the timeline. Don't submit a proposal in June saying you will collect the samples in May, when we all know you didn't! Your proposal will be returned to your supervisor, who will discuss the comments received with you. If necessary you will be asked to rewrite the proposal in light of these comments, and once completed you should re-submit it to your supervisor, who then will inform the graduate coordinator that the proposal is complete. (In the event that the graduate coordinator is your supervisor, s/he will inform the head.) A copy of your revised proposal, signed by you and your supervisor will be lodged in your file. Then you get on with the thesis itself.

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Instead, what we're interested in seeing is if you have a clear handle on the process and structure of research as it is practised by our discipline. If you can present a clear and reasonable thesis idea, if you can clearly relate it to other relevant literature, if you can justify its significance, if you can describe a method for investigating it, and if you can decompose it into a sequence of steps that lead toward a reasonable conclusion, then the thesis proposal is a success regardless of whether you modify or even scrap the actual idea down the line and start off in a different direction. What a successful thesis proposal demonstrates is that, regardless of the eventual idea you pursue, you know the steps involved in turning it into a thesis.