Example 11.4. Hypotheses with Two Samples of One Categorical Variable

(Note that all of the example questions/hypotheses thus far have been relational).

Example 11.5. Hypotheses with Two Samples of One Measurement Variable

For example, let's say you have a bad breakout the morning after eating a lot of greasy food. You may wonder if there is a correlation between eating greasy food and getting pimples. You propose a hypothesis:

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Your hypothesis is a statement that you intend to prove through your research. It should state your focus. When you have finished with your hypothesis, check it to be sure it has the following criteria: Transitions in Society, Pg. 65-66

Remember, a hypothesis does not have to be correct. While the hypothesis predicts what the researchers expect to see, the goal of the research is to determine whether this guess is right or wrong. When conducting an experiment, researchers might explore a number of factors to determine which ones might contribute to the ultimate outcome.

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Answer: Although you could state a scientific hypothesis in various ways, most hypothesis are either "If, then" statements or else forms of the . The null hypothesis sometimes is called the "no difference" hypothesis. The null hypothesis is good for experimentation because it's simple to disprove.

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In a hypothesis statement, students make a prediction about what they think will happen or is happening in their experiment. They try to answer their question or problem.

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A significance test examines whether the null hypothesis provides a plausible explanation of the data. The null hypothesis itself does not involve the data. It is a statement about a parameter (a numerical characteristic of the population). These population values might be proportions or means or differences between means or proportions or correlations or odds ratios or any other numerical summary of the population. The alternative hypothesis is typically the research hypothesis of interest. Here are some examples.

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The hypothesis is what the researchers' predict about the relationship between two or more variables, but it involves more than a guess. Most of the time, the hypothesis begins with a question which is then explored through background research. It is only at this point that researchers begin to develop a testable hypothesis.

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However, it is not possible to come up with an example for each cell of these matrices because it is not possible to propose a non-directional and causal hypothesis.

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Just remember at this stage your hypothesis is a statement of intent or expectation (do remember at some point that you need also to state whether its one or two tailed).