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- This verse, with the following verses to the 17th, is usually regarded as a parenthesis.

What is the meaning of parenthesis

As much as premillennial doctrine emphasizes the Jews, presumably provision would somehow have been made for the Jews to be saved. But what about the Gentiles, including most of us and most premillennialists?

This verse, therefore, meets an objection that might be started from what had been said in .

What is the singular form of "parenthesis"?

This looks like an objection, that if there was no law before Moses's time, then there was no sin, nor could any action of man be known or accounted by them as sinful, or be imputed to them to condemnation; or rather it is a concession, allowing that where there is no law, sin is not imputed; but there was a law before that law of Moses, which law was transgressed, and the sin or transgression of it was imputed to men to condemnation and death, as appears from what follows.

If such things exist in lands that have a revelation, what mush have been the state of those countries that had none of its restraints and influences?

Thus what is here stated of the world of sinners is, as it were, the for the special vices just enumerated: men are such they resist conscience.] The Gr.

And we all know how soon a man will contrive, against the strongest evidence, to reason himself out of the belief of what he dislikes.

For life's not a paragraph and death I think is no parenthesis.

If the gospel is not what God originally expected, what did He plan? If He will enact His original plan when Jesus returns, what will that plan be like? Consider these quotes:

and death, I think, is no parenthesis” ..

This ordinance exposed them for what they were— ().— ( ff.)—a reverent , resembling in (see note); the explanation of some Lutherans, that means “the substance” underlying the material element, is foreign to the context and to Apostolic times.

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A mystery is something which, for a long time, is known only to a certain few who were personally involved in what happened. It is not fully revealed or understood by people in general, but finally is later revealed or made known.

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now from this whole account we see the insufficiency of the light of nature to guide persons in the way of salvation; what need there was of a divine revelation; and how impossible it is that such men should ever be justified before God, by any works of seeming righteousness done by them; which the apostle had in view, in giving this account of the depraved nature and conduct of the Gentiles, and of those among them who professed to be, and were the wisest and most knowing of them.

death i think is no parenthesis' to mean …

Thus they in , above the starry ,
hours in joy and hymning spent.
Mean while the firm Globe
Of this round World, whose divides
The luminous ,
From and inroad of Darkness old,
alighted walks: a Globe off
It , now seems a boundless Continent
Dark, waste, and wild, under the frown of Night
Starless , and ever- storms
Of round, inclement ;
Save on that side which from the wall of
Though distant some small reflection
Of glimmering air less with tempest loud:
Here the Fiend at large in spacious field.
As when a on bred,
Whose ridge the bounds,
Dislodging from a Region scarce of prey
To gorge the flesh of Lambs or Kids
On Hills where Flocks are fed, flies toward the Springs
Of or streams;
But in his way lights on the barren
Of where drive
With Sails and Wind light:
So on this Sea of Land, the Fiend
up and down alone bent on his prey,
Alone, for other Creature in this place
Living or liveless to be found was none,
None yet, but hereafter from the earth
Up hither like flew
Of all things and vain, when Sin
With vanity had the works of men:
Both all things vain, and all who in vain things
Built fond hopes of or lasting fame,
Or happiness in this or other life;
All who have reward on Earth, the fruits
Of painful Superstition and blind Zeal,
Naught seeking but the praise of men, here find
Fit retribution, as deeds;
All works of hand,
Abortive, monstrous, or unkindly ,
on earth, fleet hither, and in vain,
Till final dissolution, wander here,
, as some have ;
Those Fields more likely habitants,
, or middle Spirits hold
Betwixt Angelical and Human :
Hither of born
First from the ancient World those Giants came
With many a vain exploit, though then :
The builders next of on the Plain
Of and still with vain
New had they wherewithall, would build:
Others came single; he who to be
A God, fondly into flames
and who to enjoy
into the Sea,
and many more too long,
and Idiots, and
, with all .
Here Pilgrims roam, that so to seek
In him dead, who lives in ;
And they who to be sure of Paradise
Dying put on the of
Or in think to pass ;
They pass the Planets seven, and pass the ,
And that
The Trepidation , and ;
And now Saint at seems
To wait them with his Keys, and now at foot
Of ascent they lift Feet, when
A violent cross from either Coast
Blows them transverse ten thousand Leagues awry
Into the devious Air; then might ye see
Cowles, Hoods and Habits with wearers
And into , then , ,
, Dispenses, Pardons,,
The sport of Winds: all these aloft
Fly the backside of the World off
Into a large and broad, since
, to few unknown
Long after, now , and untrod;
All this dark Globe the Fiend found as he ,
And long he , till at last a
Of dawning light thither-ward in haste
His steps; distant he descries
Ascending by degrees magnificent
Up to the wall of Heaven a Structure high,
At top whereof, but more rich
The work as of a Kingly Palace Gate
With of Diamond and Gold
, thick with sparkling orient
The Portal , inimitable on Earth
By Model, or by shading Pencil drawn.
The were such as whereon saw
Angels ascending and descending, bands
Of Guardians bright, when he from fled
To in the field of
Dreaming by night under the open ,
And waking ,
Each Stair , nor stood
There , but drawn up to
Viewless, and underneath a bright Sea
Of Jasper, or of liquid , whereon
, ,
Wafted by Angels, or flew the Lake
in a Chariot drawn by fiery Steeds.
The Stairs were then let down, whether to dare
The Fiend by ascent, or aggravate
His sad exclusion from the of Bliss.
Direct against which from beneath,
Just the blissful seat of Paradise,
A down to Earth, a passage wide,
Wider by that of after-times
Over , and, though that were large,
Over the to God so dear,
By which, to visit those happy Tribes,
On high behests his Angels to and fro
frequent, and his eye with choice regard
From the fount of flood
To where the
Borders on and ;
So wide the , where bounds were set
To darkness, such as bound the Ocean wave.
from hence now on the lower stair
That by steps of Gold to Gate
at the sudden view
Of all this World at once. As when a Scout
Through dark and desart with peril gone
All night; at last by break of
the brow of some high-climbing Hill,
Which to his eye discovers unaware
The goodly prospect of some land
First-seen, or some Metropolis
With glistering Spires and Pinnacles ,
Which now the Rising Sun with his beams.
Such wonder , though after Heaven seen,
The Spirit , but much more envy
At sight of all this World beheld so .
Round he surveys, and well might, where he stood
So high above the circling
Of extended shade; from Eastern Point
Of to that bears
off Seas
Beyond ; then from Pole to Pole
He views in , and without longer pause
Down right into the first Region throws
His flight precipitant, and with ease
the pure his oblique way
Amongst innumerable , that
Stars distant, but nigh hand ,
Or other Worlds they , or happy ,
Like those of old,
Fortunate Fields, and Groves and Vales,
Thrice happy , but who happy there
He not to : above them all
The golden Sun in splendor likest Heaven
his eye: Thither his course he bends
Through the calm Firmament; but up or
By center, or eccentric, ,
Or , where
the vulgar Constellations thick,
That from his Lordly eye keep distance due,
Dispenses Light from ; they as they move
Starry dance in that compute
Days, months, & years, towards his all- Lamp
Turn swift various motions, or are
By , that gently warms
The , and to each inward part
With gentle penetration, though unseen,
Shoots invisible even to the deep:
So wondrously was set his Station bright.
lands the Fiend, a spot like which perhaps
in the Sun's lucent
Through his Optic Tube yet never saw.
The place he found beyond expression bright,
with aught on Earth, or Stone;
Not all parts like, but all alike
With radiant light, as glowing Iron with fire;
If , part Gold, part Silver ;
If stone, most or ,
or Topaz, to
In , and a stone besides
rather elsewhere seen,
, or like to that which here below
Philosophers in vain so long have sought,
In vain, though by powerful Art they
and call up unbound
In various shapes old from the Sea,
through a to his Native .
What wonder then if fields and region here
Breathe forth pure, and Rivers run
, when with one touch
Sun so from us remote
Produces with Terrestrial
Here in the dark so many precious things
Of glorious and effect so rare?
Here matter new to gaze the Devil met
, and wide his eye commands,
For sight no obstacle found here, nor shade,
But all Sun-shine, as when his Beams at Noon
from , as they now
Shot upward still direct, whence no way round
Shadow from body opaque can fall, and the ,
No where so , his visual ray
To objects distant , whereby he soon
Saw within a glorious Angel stand,
also in the Sun:
His back was , but not his brightness hid;
Of beaming , a golden
his Head, nor less his Locks behind
Illustrious on his Shoulders fledge with wings
Lay waving round; on great charge
He , or in cogitation deep.
Glad was the Spirit impure as now in hope
To find who might direct his flight
To Paradise the seat of Man,
His end and our beginning woe.
But first he casts to change his proper shape,
Which else might work him danger or delay:
And now a stripling he ,
Not of the prime, yet such as in his face
Youth Celestial, and to every Limb
grace , so well he ;
Under a Coronet his flowing
In on either cheek , wings he wore
Of many a plume with Gold,
His habit fit for speed succinct, and held
Before his decent steps a Silver wand.
He drew not nigh unheard, the Angel bright,
Ere he drew nigh, his radiant visage ,
by his ear, and was known
Arch-Angel one of
Who in God's presence, to his Throne
Stand ready at command, and are his Eyes
That run through all the , or down to Earth
Bear his swift errands over moist and dry,
Sea and Land; him thus ;