confirmation of the Westermark hypothesis.

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McCabe cites evidence supporting Westermarck’s hypothesis by naming rhesus monkeys as non-human animals that, while preferring close relatives as grooming partners, show sexual avoidance for siblings. Also, in Taiwan, a natural test of the hypothesis is possible due to two types of marriage there; sim-pua, or minor marriage, and major. The minor marriage unites a couple who is as close as brother and sister. The major marriage unites a bridal pair who has not met up to the day of the wedding. Evidence showed that the major generally produced more children and had a lower rate of divorce and/or adultery.

A second case study, often sited in support of Westermark's hypothesis, was published by Arthur Wolf (1995)

The main divisions of philosophy are outlined and discussed.

McCabe, Justine. FBD Marriage: Further Support for the Westermarck Hypothesis of the Incest Taboo? American Anthropologist March 1983 Vol.85(1):50-69.

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The author says it would appear that FBD marriages in the Arab Middle East provide evidence to disregard the Westermarck hypothesis of incest (intimate childhood association, with for example, a first cousin, breeds sexual disinterest). However, she then contends that the FBD marriage actually provides evidence that intimate childhood relationships actually do breed sexual disinterest.

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