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Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration Notes New 1

Watch this online video that discusses energy, photosynthesis and cellular respiration and complete the quiz at the end. For the 1.4a assignment pay close attention to the photosynthesis part. We will be learning about cellular respiration in 1.4d

4. Slides 1-3 - How is photosynthesis related/connected to cellular respiration and the energy animals and plants use?

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Oxygen is consumed Carbon dioxide is a biproduct The oxidation of C6H12O6 and O2 to CO2, H2O, and energy is an exergonic reaction which drives ATP synthesis Because of this fact, we know that cellular respiration of eukaryotes is AEROBIC Three phases of Aerobic respiration
glycolosis (requires 2 ATP to start, makes 2 ATP)
Krebs Cycle-occurs in the matrix of the mitochondria (yields 2 ATP)
Electron Transport Chain- occurs in mitochondria of cells makes majority of ATP (32) (With Oxygen) (Without Oxygen) ATP is produced without the use of Oxygen mainly used by prokaryotes (bacteria) The final acceptor of the electron transport chain is one of three compounds: Nitrate (NO3), Sulfate (SO4), and Sulfur (S) With the presence of Oxygen some anaerobic organisms will actually die Light Reactions There are two kinds of chlorophyll A & B Chlorophyll A electrons power the cell.

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Theprocess by which green plants use sunlight energy to convert water &carbon dioxide into oxygen & glucose is the basis for virtuallyall life. Sugars, the first products of photosynthesis, are converted intostarch, protein, cellulose, and thousands of other chemical compounds.