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Otto Warburg closed his address to his fellow Nobel-Laureates on June 30,1966 as follows:

The Historical Challenge posed by the Warburg Hypothesis.

The Warburg effect states that the difference between a normal cell and a cancer cell is simply that a cancer cell gets its energy from glucoses and a normal cell gets energy from oxygen, therefore fermentation is common to all cancer cells, although this was proven beyond a doubt in the early 1960’s the cancer industry in an effort to complicate cancer has been researching all the so called various types of cancer, as if lung cancer is different from breast cancer and also researching treatments for each cancer separately.

Is the Warburg Effect the Cause or the Effect of Cancer: A 21st Century View

Oxidative Phosphorylation and Cancer: The Ongoing Warburg Hypothesis

We have all been taught to respect our doctors, but what if they are also being fed misinformation. Every doctor I have talked to knew nothing about DCA. Ask your Oncologist to explain the Warburg Effect…… think they can?

later known as the Warburg hypothesis, ..

Sorry for the delay, your comment wound up in the spam filter somehow. contrary to the propaganda being distributed via the pharma sponsored so called scientific blogs DCA is relatively harmless, much like taking backing soda, however is very effective in reversing the Warburg effect. I have read every study published in the medical journals regarding DCA testing over the past 50 years and never any indication of reactions with other drugs. I can not advise you, however all the information from trusted sources is available from the medical journal articles on this site. I can tell you that those that i have communicated with that have taken DCA and not gone through the traditional treatments have had very good results. Conventional treatments can cause a lot of damage as indicated in some of the published studies you can find here, damage that is not reversible!

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This cure for Cancer was discovered by a large Canadian University in 2007. However I now believe as others do, that the cure was discovered in the 1960’s at the Dehlam Institute in Germany a research lab owned by the Rockefeller foundation, however as it wasn’t patentable it was kept hidden. To understand the Rockefeller connections please watch the video below. Was the cure that they discovered DCA? we can not connect the dots on that one but we can prove that DCA was being tested as a treatment for mitochondrial conditions in the 1960’s. Cancers immortality according to the Warburg effect is achieved by the shutting down of the mitochondria

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There are numerous other early detection methods however the one I want to talk about is the PET scan as it clearly proves the Warburg effect and the principles behind why if DCA cures one type of cancer it cures ALL cancers.

Warburg Effect: How Does it Benefit Cancer Cells

97. Lazova R, Chakraborty A, Pawelek JM. Leukocyte-cancer cell fusion: initiator of the warburg effect in malignancy?. 2011;714:151-72

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The Warburg Effect was the biggest breakthrough in cancer research until the U of A discovery; it came over 80 years ago but was ignored by the cancer research industry until now! Or was it? The answer is NO. It was pursued by a small research institute in Germany called the Dehlem Institute, which was set up by the Rockefeller foundation in 1930 to pursue Warburg’s discovery. The importance of the Rockefeller connection and their control of the Drug Trust are immense, and discussed later on this page.

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If you are currently undergoing or have recently had orthadox treatments you may want to just bookmark the site and come back at another time, as some people have been offended or upset by some of the information further down the page. Please before you leave read Otto Warburg’s lecture “prime cause and prevention”, and add the respitory enzymes to your diet. You might also consider DCA as a supplement to avoid recurrence. with a recurrence rate of 90% following orthodox treatment DCA could clean up any metastasis caused by the treatment. New studies just out are showing that these treatments themselves can cause metastasis.