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1976), and compliance with prosthesis use is twice as likely with a BKA when ..

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My name is Brent Nadjadi, and I became a BK amputee in 2012 from injuries sustained in combat. When I arrived at Walter Reed, I had to relearn how to walk again due to several months of not being able to bare weight. The prosthetic that I learned to walk again with was a Pathfinder 2, which was very good to me in its own right. One problem that I developed by using the Pathfinder 2 dealt with the amount of heal pressure that I used to walk. The pathfinder uses a compressed heal function where the heel compresses as one walks. Needless to say, when I walked I put a significant amount of force down on the heel, which forces me to use a lot of energy.

Once I was able to walk with a prosthetic leg without the aid of crutches or a walking ..

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When I met Greg and his family it truly felt like an extension of my own. They are down to earth, patriotic, caring and compassionate and so welcoming. My time had come because Greg had designed a foot for symes that actually mounted in the top rear portion of the socket. This socket and foot have changed my life in so many ways. The simple task of walking is so smooth and comfortable. This foot gives me the feeling of a real foot. The toe to heel transitions is very smooth. I have some bones on the front and rear of my lower stump. Greg worked with me to design my socket to give relief in those areas. The front middle portion of my stump/leg takes a lot of pressure during transition. Greg placed special padding in those areas so I have no discomfort. The detail that was put into my socket and the position of the Cheetah Xplore has changed my life in so many ways. When Greg finished my leg I wanted to see how it would feel running. I will put my hand on the Bible that this is the truth. I went for a jog and ended up going 4 miles very comfortable. I hadn't run a quarter mile in the past 10 years due to my other leg being so uncomfortable. I have since been jogging 5 days a week with my black lab. I can say that the leg that Greg fitted me with has opened so many new doors. I wish this would've been available to me 25 years ago.

It changed everything. Literally, a night and day difference. Shortly after getting fitted with this leg I was riding horses, walking stronger and feeling infinitely more comfortable. Because of its design, I can now 'feel’ the ground and am in great comfort.

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On October 30, 2013 I had the great privilege of trying on my brand-new modified cheetah legs. I have been an amputee for five years and have gone through three different sets of legs. From the moment I stood up, without even taking a step, I knew that these legs were different. As a bilateral amputee, when I stand up, every muscle in my body fires as I try to find that perfect center point to balance on. With the modified cheetahs, standing felt like I had my whole foot to stand I was standing on a platform instead of trying to keep my balance on top of a tennis ball. So far, so good! I then took five steps with my new legs and tears started to run down my face. Walking had never felt so natural since I had my own legs/feet! I knew from that moment, that my life was going to be changed as a bilateral amputee. I am going to be able to do more things than I ever thought that I could do before. After a few minutes of trying to compose myself from the joy that I was feeling, I couldn't stop telling Greg how fantastic and innovative these legs were. As I said before, they felt like the closest feeling to walking on real feet that I could possibly get as an amputee. It feels like I have miniature trampolines on the bottom of my feet. I have had these new legs for two weeks now and I can jump with them! I can dance better with them! I can do so many more activities with these legs on account of added endurance and stamina. I am even thinking that getting a seeing eye dog might be a possibility for me now! Did I forget to mention that I am blind, as well? That is why I emphasize how amazing these legs feel, because that is how I get around for the most feel. My name is Carol Decker. I am 38 years old, a mother of two young girls, and happily married to the love of my life. My new legs that Greg has made me, have made it possible for me to be a better mother, and a better wife and a better person in my community. I feel honored and privileged to be able to wear the most innovative legs that Greg Davidson has made,thus far. I know that he will continue to think outside the box for all of us amputees and our individual needs. He is truly amazing and inspiring to me as a human being and what he makes possible for so many.

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My name is Jourdan, and I am a right leg below knee amputee that is currently using the modified cheetah and use it for every activity except long distance running. I have had a lot of great ankles like the V.S.P., the Iwalk BIOM, the Reflex rotate and other great ankles. I swore up and down on the V.S.P. for sports and staying on active duty but when Greg made me my modified cheetah it was like I had a block of concrete on my leg when compared to the modified cheetah. I am looking for one leg that I can use for everything and with the modified cheetah I have found it. It works in water, sand, mud and snow with no problems. One of the greatest things is that it fits into my combat boots very easily unlike my V.S.P.. The weight of the modified cheetah alone is night and day to anything that I have used before and how easy I can go from walking to running or sprinting without having to change out legs is a huge benefit to myself and others that I know have and are using the modified cheetah that Greg is making. I am so excited about this leg that I have told my friends that are on active duty that swear by other legs that they need to try this one due to how much return the leg gives back and how little the leg weights. I will be glad to talk with anyone about how the modified cheetah has helped me and what I think about how beneficial this leg is to so many people and what a difference it can make.