Hypothesis and options are used in the description of beliefs.

 Ludwig von Mises, Human Action (Chicago: Regnery, 1949), p. 4439n.

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When you specify the NORMAL option in the PROC UNIVARIATE statement or you request a fitted parametric distribution in the HISTOGRAM statement, the procedure computes goodness-of-fit tests for the null hypothesis that the values of the analysis variable are a random sample from the specified theoretical distribution. See .

Salerno, Joseph T. 2010. Money: Sound and Unsound. Auburn, AL: Ludwig von Mises Institute.

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As an example, I will discuss the issues of research proposal seeking to understand how gentrification is being driven in global Latin American cities.

The Critical Period Hypothesis proposes that the human brain is only malleable, in terms of language, for a limited time.

One of the major principles of the arousal-performance relationship is the Inverted-U hypothesis (Baechle and Earle 2008, 168), developed by Yerkes and Dodson.

The statistic is always greater than zero and less than or equalto one .Small values of lead to rejection of the null hypothesis.

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Jeff claims, for example, that in treating a decline in money’s velocity as a potential cause of depression, I introduce a “Keynesian” element into my analysis. And although he is quick to say that for him the epithet carries no opprobrium, he finds the “decidedly un-Austrian flavor” of this aspect of my thinking troublesome.

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Moreover, in Human Action he further elaborated the argument, already presented in the Theory of Money and Credit, that the propositions of economic theory concern ordinal rather than cardinal relations. This implies, for example, that business-cycle theory does not allow us to specify the precise date of future crises, and it also does not allow us to specify ex ante their magnitude. Rather, such specifications must be given in the light of “historical” judgments pertaining to the contingent future circumstances of time and place. As Mises underscores, these “historical” judgments always contain an element of subjectivity.

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I am less sure about Hummel’s first distinction. I don’t see why an Austrian business cycle theory must insist that an instrument – in particular an interest-bearing checking account – cannot, under normal conditions, be both inside money and a genuine manifestation of people’s savings. That is, a particular increase in the volume of checking-account balances can be a genuine manifestation of an increase in very short-term savings (whether at the expense of current consumption or at the expense of holding wealth in some other form, for example cash, consumer durables, or longer-term savings) and not a manifestation of an excess supply of money.

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On the one hand, credit expansion does not necessarily have to be fast; it can also occur in a creeping trial-and-error process. Mises wrote (1980, p. 411): “ concerning the extension of credit, the circulation of fiduciary media can indeed be increased slowly, but it cannot be increased in a sweeping fashion. Each individual bank can only make a small step forward and must then wait until the others have followed its example.”

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The crucial point is this: Mises held that the production of fiduciary media entailed two possible tendencies. If the banks agree on common procedures, the production of fiduciary media is in principle unlimited. If the banks do not agree on common procedures, the further production of fiduciary media is slowed down. He repeats this view in several passages of the third part of his book. (See for example Mises 1912, pp. 340, 420, 425f, 444.)