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The Red Dragon of Wales was clearly presented everywhere at the now infamous ceremony.

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Such rampant disregard for human life, is already being touted by the likes of those who've made the American Constitution as their false god, and its right to bear arms, as their false 'Word of God,' that according to them, allows any "righteously angered patriot" to impose the death sentence on anyone who doesn't share in the tenants of their false religion of death that collectively, is not that far from ISIS' own brand of sharia law.

would have lived to become the Antichrist, and is why both his parents (JFK & Jackie) are presented in the film.

Such a proclamation cannot be anything but the very antithesis of ..

The Sunday Times that Phosane Mngqibisa, Communications Minister Dina Pule’s lover, engineered getting friends and relatives on the boards of the Post Office, Sentech, Usasa and the SABC with the full knowledge of Pule.

Young couples could spend the entire "Honeymoon night" in the woods taking place in paganized Sex Magick rituals until the Sun came up, which they then danced feverishly around a towering phallic that represented the virile fertility of the Sun-God.

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City Press that pressure from the ANC has impacted on the lives of two SABC news personnel. Interface presenter, Eusebius Mckaiser resigns citing pressure from ANC ministers like Jeff Radebe who did not like his allegedly hostile interview technique. Political reporter Sophie Mokoenawas abruptly taken off air at the end of June and was also, according to a source in the SABC newsroom, not allowed to do election campaign stories in the run-up to the local government elections.

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The Leopard can be interpreted as his heritage, even denoting his connection to the young Macedonian war general, Alexander the Great, who was himself represented by the Leopard because of his quick conquering of Asia Minor & Europe.

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They so misunderstand these dual (two) manifestations, which we know better are represented in Christ's dual advents, first coming as a lowly servant, and later, returning as a supernatural Destroyer of Israel's enemies at Armageddon, that they actually believe Moshiach Ben Josef and Moshiach Ben David are two separate people, which is exactly how Satan shall deceive them, by providing them precisely what they already expect to see.

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And so England is well known to be represented by its national heraldic symbol of a Lion, the Dragon represents his power and coronation base, as in the Red Dragon which is the national symbol of Wales.

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All Hail Lucifer!

And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a King of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.