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When you create a new SpeechSynthesizer object, it uses the default system voice

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There are many text to speech software, but the one I'm looking for would allow to synthesise the user's own voice. And possibly imitate the voice of someone else without consent (just for joking, kind of what is done with photoshop today on images).

and a voice designer with oscilloscope and additive, maximum and multiplicative synthesis

Synthesized - definition of synthesized by The Free Dictionary

Just as speakers transmit emotion through voice, writers can transmit through writing a range of attitudes, from excited and humorous to somber and critical. These emotions create connections among the audience, the author, and the subject, ultimately building a relationship between the audience and the text. To stimulate these connections, writers intimate their attitudes and feelings with useful devices, such as sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and formal or informal language. Keep in mind that the writer’s attitude should always appropriately match the audience and the purpose.

and in the near future to use that recording to synthesise that voice to say anything

As far as I know text-to-speech based on the user's own voice is still an open research question in speech synthesis. was recently presented at a TEDWomen Talk by :

The Andromeda A6 is a true analog synthesizer using two analog oscillators per voice, sub ..