based on Yamaha’s Vocaloid software and the voice of Miriam Stockley

This feature is accessible when using Vocaloid 3 and Vocaloid 4 vocals, but not Vocaloid 2

Vocaloid 3 is a singing voice ..

What alternative models have been conceived of the voice and its artificial synthesis? What alternative models could we think of? If temporal acuity is central in auditory processing (Oppenheim & Magnasco 2013), and the ear does not (only) perform spectral analysis, what are the consequences for the prevalent models of the voice in which vocal spectra (with formants) are of primary importance?

Yamaha VOCALOID Singing Voice Synthesis Technology

Vocaloid software uses Yamaha’s voice synthesis ..

How are artificial voices used in music and other arts? Does this offer a different perspective on the models and methods of voice synthesis? And does the artistic use of voice synthesis offer different perspectives on the voice in general or on specific voices in particular?

Vocaloid is a software-based vocal synthesis engine, and Yamaha have entered into ..

We wish to look at the full range of techniques that are used and that have been used: from mechanical replication of the synthesis process (von Kempelen, 1791), through theory-based modelling (electro-mechanical: Helmholtz, 1863; or digital: Klatt, 1980s; synthesis by rule; physical modelling), to methods that are based on audio recordings (synthesis by analysis, analysis/re-synthesis; and concatenation, such as Vocaloid).

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