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The Viking Hypothesis from a Dialectologist’s Perspective

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This ebook examines the historical background of multiple sclerosis, the Vikings, and the dissemination of this genetic heritage by Scottish immigrants throughout north America and Australasia. It is hoped this straightforward exercise by one layperson will go some way to assuage the doubts of sceptics who don't believe in the Viking Hypothesis and who say, "multiple sclerosis is not inherited".

and the Viking hypothesis is likely to seem as tenable as any other

We constructed an allele map of Δ32 frequencies in Europe; the map is in accordance to the Vikings hypothesis of the origin of the mutation and his dissemination during the eighth to the tenth centuries.">

The Viking Hypothesis justifies Wilson's detailed - almost stand-alone - analysis of Viking conquests, expansion and settlement over most of Europe - in particular England, Scotland and Ireland - and the effects of British history on its colonial spread to the New World and Australasia through "intermarriage".

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The Viking hypothesis is complicated because not everyone with the Viking gene will get MS, though there is evidence enough for indirect inheritance among families of MS - hence Wilson's apparently contradictory statement that MS is not (directly) "inherited". For this reason, there is dispute over the relative strengths of the nature/nurture theories for MS. But Wilson also offers well-researched statistics and geography for his hypothesis, as well as circumstantial evidence from families of sufferers - disputing an alternative Dr Roy L. Swank theory which, noting the beer-drinking, bread-eating people of northern Europe were more susceptible to the condition, suggests it was due to the northern wheat-based diet - what one might call "the cakes and ale" hypothesis, which can be faulted by showing the Vikings also went to Italy and Sicily!