View synthesis using stereo vision (eBook, 1999) …

We propose a new method for view synthesis from real images using stereo vision.
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View synthesis using stereo vision

...the 2D to 3D conversion in an automatic manner. In the context of prior work, there exists a vast amount of literature on the stereo matching problem for single image pairs. The reader is referred to =-=[10]-=- for a review and evaluation of existing stereo techniques. However, the problem of matching stereo videos - which also includes a temporal component - is studied in much less detail. In this context,...

In this paper, we rst survey multi-view stereo algorithms and compare them qualitatively using a taxonomy that differentiates their key properties.
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On New View Synthesis Using Multiview Stereo

We also re-evaluate the requirements on stereo algorithms for the application of view synthesis and discuss ways of dealing with partially occluded regions of unknown depth and with completely occluded regions of unknown texture.

Jeong, 'Intermediate view synthesis for multi-view 3D displays using belief propagation-based stereo matching,' Proc.
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In this paper, because the virtual view image can be express as a transformed image from real view with some depth condition, we propose an algorithm to compute multi-view synthesis from two reference view images and their own depth-map by stepwise duplex forward mapping.

Ho, 'Hole-filling method using depth based in-painting for view synthesis in free viewpoint television (FTV) and 3D video,' Proc.
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On New View Synthesis using Multiview Stereo

Multiple View Feature Descriptors from Image Sequences via KernelPrincipal Component Analysis
Jason Meltzer, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Rakesh Gupta, and Stefano Soatto
,vol. 1, pp. 215-227, Prague, Czech Republic, May, 2004.

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Synthesis of Top View Image and Detection of Obstacles Using Multiple Cameras for Monitoring Around a Truck
Three Dimensional Systems and Applications (3DSA), December 2016.