All circuits in the class will be expressed in Verilogcode.

SystemVerilog Assertions for Design Engineers and Verification Engineers

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sv2mag - this script converts a structural Verilog generatedby design_vision or dc_shell to an input that can be read by theBerkeley OctTools package. It then usees OctTools to performplacement and routing and uses Magic to convert the resulting layoutback into a Magic layout.

Synthesis means totranslate the Verilog code into a low-level circuit specification for theFPGA.

Verilog is easier to understand and use.

When a Verilog file is first read into the Synopsys tools, it istranslated into hardware from a generic library called "GTECH". To see the initial hardware, click on the yellow "gate" button at thetop of the window or use the menu "". Click on different gates to selectthem; right-click the mouse and select "Properties" to see the names ofthe gates.

You can use Quartus's built-in text editor (or any other text editor)to edit Verilog code.

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Verification of Gate-Level Netlist.

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Choose the menu and choose the your decoderfile (i.e."dec2_4.v") and press the "Open" button. Check the Log panel forthe response - you should see a sequence of messages indicating thatthe Verilog file has been read successfully, ending with the message"Current design is 'dec2_4'".

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Verilogger - this Windows-based Verilog Simulator has a nicegraphical user-interface and is easy to learn. We are using theevaluationversion, which supports simulation of only relatively smallfiles. You can use Modelsim instead if you like.

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A circuit description is written in Hardware Description Language (HDL) such as Verilog. The designer should first understand the architectural description. Then he should consider design constraints such as timing, area, testability, and power.