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This a very good review of the complications of polycythemia vera and the proposed molecular basis of the disease with its consequent changes in numbers and function of all the hematopoietic cells derived from a stem cell that has a JAK2 mutation. This mutation, unlike many hematologic malignancies with complex cytogenetic and molecular changes, would appear to be solely responsible for the disease state. That said, the same mutation can manifest as essential thrombocythemia while other patients in the heterozygote or homozygous state have similar presentation as p. vera despite the different allelic load. Hence, there is probably a host cellular response to the mutation that affects the phenotypic presentation. The hope that inhibition of the JAK2 derived tyrosine kinase will cure this disease as in BCR/abl positive CML has not been evident in the early studies further complicating the hypothesis of JAK2 driven hematopoiesis.

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Several limitations attach to economic as well as political theories, even if we consider them empirical or aprioristic inferences.Methodological problems are important because of the connection they have with the possibility of economists” reaching unequivocal conclusions and therefore inducing other people to accept these conclusions as premises for their choices, not only in regard to their daily action in private life and business, but also in regard to the political and economic systems to be adopted by the community.Economics as an empirical science has not yet, unfortunately, attained the ability to offer indubitable conclusions, and the attempts so frequently made in our time by economists to play the role of physicists are probably much more damaging than useful in inducing people to make their choices according to the results of that science.Of particular interest is some recent methodological research concerning economics, as presented by Professor Milton Friedman in his brilliant .I quite agree with Professor Friedman when he says that “the denial to economics of the dramatic and direct evidence of the experiment does hinder the adequate testing of hypotheses,” and that this places a considerable “difficulty .

Early research, later proven to be incorrect, proposed that splanchnic veno-occlusive disease was caused by direct damage to sinusoidal endothelial cells in the portal circulation, resulting in local embolism by sinusoidal lining cells and subsequent circulatory blockage. Subsequent studies hypothesized roles for decreased natural anticoagulants, increased plasma homocysteine, anticardiolipin antibodies, or inherited thrombophilic genotypes (such as factor V Leiden, prothrombin mutation, and protein C deficiency) in promoting arterial disease and splanchnic venous thrombosis in patients with polycythemia vera.