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Cellular Respiration is used by animals
Photosynthesis is used by mostly plants
Sunlight is important to all living organisms
Carbon Dioxide, Sunlight, and water are converted into glucose and oxygen in photosynthesis
Molecules are broken down in cellular respiration
Nutrients are converted to energy for cell growth and repair
Cellular respiration is used by animals
Photosynthesis is used by mostly plants
So what are the differences and similarities between cellular respiration and photosynthesis?
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Processes of Energy Creation
Sunlight provides the energy to make glucose and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water.
Stage 1: Chlorophyll traps the energy of sunlight
Stage 2: Chloroplast uses the energy to change carbon dioxide and water into glucose.
The chlorophyll is found in these Thylakoids
See those bubbles?

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On the second page of your webquest, write out the equation for both photosynthesis and respiration and a paragraph beneath summing up what each of them is.

Compare and contrast photosynthesis and cellular respiration.?

That's the oxidation process!!
Food is oxidized and combined with sugars from the food
The product is energy, carbon dioxide, waste and water
Food for Thought
Cellular Respiration
Draw this Venn Diagram in your notes and compare and contrast the two processes of energy creation
Not all nutrients consumed is for energy.