How to Validate a Research Instrument.

Validation Of The Dreem Instrument Education Essay.

Instrument validation is essential for determining the condition.

Electrical Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab: Peter Sullivan is an electrical engineerspecializing in mixed-signal design andinfrared instrumentation at the NASA JetPropulsion Laboratory. He has previouslyworked at the Johns HopkinsApplied Physics Laboratory and holdsa B.S. from Cornell University and aS.M. from the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology. He has characterized imagesensors for applications ranging fromEarth science to exoplanet detection.


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Fundamentals of applied social science research focusing on research processes; theory construction and hypothesis development; basic choices in research design including focus group interviews, case studies, ethnography, survey research and experimentation; sampling design; measurement and instrument design; reliability and validity in measurement, and exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.

The MMSE, with the cut-off point at 23-24/30, was used as screening instrument to obtain one examination group and one control group.
The thesis deals with reported experienced loneliness in a broad perspective (I, II), it is followed by comparative studies (III-V) of elderly people with impaired cognition, and people with intact cognitive function.

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Microscopes can be used to search for evidence of both extant and past life in a variety of environments, such as Mars and the Ocean Worlds. This session addresses the various microscopy techniques that can potentially play a role, as well as instrument delivery, sample preparation approaches, and associated data processing.

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Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology: Chris earned a B.S. in Physics from the University of Michigan in 1988 and spent two years working in superconductivity before attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota, where he earned a Ph.D. in Physics studying superfluid helium. He started at JPL in 1996 as a post-doc and joined the staff a year later to work on development of low temperature cryocoolers. He has worked on a variety of missions and instruments, including the Planck cosmic microwave background mission, ChemCam (on MSL), the ground based Thirty Meter Telescope, and the James Webb Space Telescope. He has been involved in mission and instrument development for the search for extra-terrestrial life both inside and outside the solar system since he came to JPL.

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Study V address relationship between DSM-III-R and CDR as staging instruments for dementia, as well relationship between these two instruments and the MMSE (both as a continuous measure of cognitive status and as a staging instrument).

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A variety of specific research issues were addressed ranging factors influencing the prevalence of dementia, whether dementia may be adequately screened using mental status exams, and the relationship between different staging instruments for dementia, through the relationship between memory complaints and cognitive performance, to predictors of cognitive memory performance within demographic (e.g., age, education, gender), psychometric (e.g., performance and verbal IQ), and somatic (e.g., the presence of cardiovascular signs) domains.

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This session covers the design, build, assembly, integration, test, and operation of ground based optical telescopes and telescope arrays. Papers discussing new and proposed telescopes, optical instruments and systems and techniques such as adaptive optics are welcome, together with results and future plans.