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Amputees are getting much less concerned about keeping their prosthesis hidden ..

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Two study prostheses were worn by each participant: a novel, dynamic air exchange (DAE) prosthesis and a standard-of-care (Suction) prosthesis. Both were fit by a certified prosthetist. The DAE prosthesis () included a custom moisture-wicking textile sock with a proximal elastomeric airflow seal (); a modified-pin lock elastomeric liner (); and a total contact socket with a custom-designed, battery-operated negative gauge pressure-generating device and associated components attached to the socket exterior. The DAE system uses a small pump (CTS Series, Parker Hannifin; Hollis, New Hampshire) in fluid communication with occlusion-preventing liner ports (four proximal, one distal) to obtain a small proximal-to-distal pressure differential (~10 kPa) across the residual limb for secure adherence. A solenoid valve (High Density Interface solenoid valve, The Lee Company; Westbrook, Connecticut), which can be opened on demand by the user, allowed air flow through the sock weave from proximal to distal, ventilating the subject's skin. Depending on fit, the air flow may be up to 1.4 L/min. The pressure differential also enabled expulsion of perspiration accumulating at the distal end of the residual limb. The Suction prosthesis included an elastomeric liner, a total surface bearing suction socket with an expulsion valve, and an elastomeric sleeve. For both systems, a passive energy-storing prosthetic foot (LP Vari-Flex with EVO, össur; Foothill Ranch, California) with aluminum pylon was attached to the socket. When needed, an additional wool or synthetic sock was worn exterior to the liner to improve socket fit.

Inner socket system used with Harmony vacuum volume management system to enhance lower limb prosthesis fit and control.

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Better prosthesis adhesion with a vacuum pump. Prosthesis wearers know how important the good fit of their residual limb in the prosthetic socket is.

The user experience was also measured by a custom questionnaire. The results suggest that the subjects generally perceived the DAE as more effective at providing thermal comfort and managing moisture accumulation than the Suction prosthesis. The subjects felt their residual limb was too hot and sweaty during activity while wearing the Suction compared with the DAE prosthesis, with over a six-point difference in scores. They also felt a greater need to stop and dry their residual limb while wearing the Suction than with the DAE, with a five-point difference in scores. This suggests the subjects perceived that the DAE prosthesis managed heat and moisture more effectively than the Suction prosthesis, a proposition supported by the subjects' opinion by a difference of over four points that the DAE kept the residual limb at a very comfortable temperature. The perception of adherence was highly variable (large standard deviations), but on average scored moderately low for both study prostheses. Interestingly, subjects opined they were more active than normal while wearing the DAE than the Suction prosthesis. This opinion is in contrast to the step activity results, but their positive perception suggests that they found the DAE prosthesis to be able to provide desirable benefits with an acceptable burden. A limitation of the custom questionnaire was that it only explored a few of the many domains related to satisfaction with a prosthesis.

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