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Effects of gender and regional dialect on uptalk in the American Midwest Advisor: Cynthia Clopper

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In the book, McWhorter offers an explanation, a defense, and, most heartening, a celebration of the dialect that has become, he argues, an American lingua franca.McWhorter’s début as a public intellectual came twenty years ago, when a fracas erupted over a proposal to use Black English—then often called Ebonics—as a teaching tool in public schools in Oakland, California.

The project will model uptalk by analyzing spoken dialogues from 150 speakers from three majorpopulations, Sydney, Melbourne, and regional Victoria.

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...ves, uncertainty (Ohala 1983), or continuation (Ladd 1996). Although uptalk has been discussed extensively in academia and the media (Britain 1992; Cruttenden 1994; Fletcher et al. 2002; Gorman 1993; =-=McLemore 1991-=-; Warren 2005), there has been no precise phonetic examination of this contour in North American English, where it is used extensively. My work investigates rising contours in Southern Ontario English...

Uptalk is the semantically bleached use of a rising intonation pattern over a declarative sentence

...onvey propositionalattitudes such as (un)certainty and (in)credulity (Liberman and Sag, 1974; Hirschberg and Ward, 1991b) or signal the speaker's social status with respect to his or her listener(s) (=-=McLemore, 1991-=-). Acoustic-prosodic cues such as glottalization, abrupt pauses and other hesitation phenomena can alert the listener to the occurrence of a performance error or disfluency (Hindle, 1983; Bear, Dowdin...

there is a good chance that there will be an "uptalk" tone to the sentence ..