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Fleming, “Frontier Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions”, Wiley, London 1976

Visualization and manipulation of organelles in a biological cell

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Organic Synthesis in Dedicated Continuous Flow Systems

Industrial firms, government laboratories, and other organizations may participate in the Honors Cooperative Program (HCP), a program that permits qualified engineers, scientists, and technology professionals admitted to Stanford graduate degree programs to register for Stanford courses and obtain the degree on a part-time basis. In many areas of concentration, the master's degree can be obtained entirely online.

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For the catalytic asymmetric synthesis of beta-hydroxy-alpha-amino acids and their derivatives with tertiary beta-centers and quaternary alpha-centers, there were two unsolved problems: 1) high diastereoselectivity when both tertiary beta-center and quaternary alpha-center have alkyl substituents; 2) high anti-diastereoselectivity.

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In research where faculty interest and competence embrace both engineering and the supporting sciences, there are numerous interdisciplinary research centers and programs within the school as well as several interschool activities, including the Army High Performance Computing Research Center, Biomedical Informatics Training Program, Center for Integrated Systems, Center for Work, Technology, and Organization, Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects, National Center for Physics-Based Simulation in Biology, Center for Position, Navigation, and Time, the Energy Modeling Forum, the NIH Biotechnology Graduate Training Grant in Chemical Engineering, and the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. Energy Resources Engineering (formerly Petroleum Engineering) is offered through the School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences.

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Dr. Jennings (PhD, New York University) did his postdoctoral work at Bard College. He works on eighteenth-century British literature using computational methods to explore textual patterns in genres that experimented with new forms of arrangement. His research examines how linguistic and medial features observed in 18th-century writing can be read in relation to digital forms of organizing cultural knowledge.

II: The model and organic synthesis

Chemistry in general and Organic Synthesis in particular is an enabling science, which is in many cases the basis for innovation and development in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and beyond. The development of an environmentally benign, energy saving, sustainable and cost efficient new quality of organic synthesis is more acute than ever. Catalysis in organic synthesis can be an ideal solution to these problems. Hence, the development of ever more efficient and selective catalysts and catalytic reactions for important synthetic transformations in organic synthesis is at the forefront of molecular sciences and at the heart of this joint research project. Specifically new multicomponent supramolecular catalyst systems shall be developed which tackle so far unsolved reactivity and selectivitiy problems in organic synthesis in order to provide a more sustainable chemical synthesis. Based on this common research project the research groups of Profs. Ooi and Itami at Nagoya University and the group of Prof. Breit at Freiburg University will establish an exchange program for Master and PhD students, which are involved in this project. Additionally, an international symposium shall be organized that will bring together world-leading scientists in the field of multicomponent supramolecular catalyst systems. This collaboration will strengthen the ties between Nagoya University and the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg in particular between the departments of chemistry. Furthermore, it could become the basis for further joint academic projects such as e.g. the establishment of an international research training group cofunded by DFG and JSPS in the future.

Challenges in Organic Chemistry: ISACS14

Our group's first paper, "Dinuclear Nickel Complexes in Five States of Oxidation Using a Redox-Active Ligand," is published in Inorganic Chemistry.