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The study accessed unique aspects of trauma that are grounded in the South African context.

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I hope that this will not be met with opposition, but instead that I can work collaboratively with UNISA to have a policy that allows Creative Commons Licensing of student original work. I truly believe that this will be the next step towards UNISA being the African university in the service of humanity, by fulfilling its commitment to the UNGC, including students’ human rights, and increase its dedication to Ubuntu.

A paper on the history, current status and future prospects of critical psychology in South Africa

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[…] my work on my doctoral studies with the University of South Africa (UNISA). I have scrapped my past draft research proposal, because I was not sufficiently enthusiastic about what would be gained from them, based upon the […]

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This study provides an exploratory approach to understanding the nature ofOrganisational Change Management in South Africa, by exploring the following keyconcepts:(1) An understanding of the nature of Organisational Change Management in SouthAfrica(2) The Critical Success Factors needed for Organisational Change Management tosucceed in South Africa(3) The provision of a practical Organisational Change Management Framework andScorecard for the measurement of Organisational Change Management processesand initiatives(4) Recommendations towards a Organisational Change Management ScorecardThe study which is largely qualitative in nature makes use of a multiple case study designmethodology for the collection of empirical evidence as well as quantitative research datafrom a survey questionnaire to support the underlying constructs and research questionsposed within the study.

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