How does this direct digital synthesis accumulator work?

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Understanding Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS).

In many kinds of equipment, it is important to produce readily control accurate waveforms of various frequencies and profiles such as agile frequency sources with low phase noise and low spurious signal content for communications, and simply generated frequency for industrial and biomedical applications. A direct digital synthesizer (DDS) provides many significant advantages over the PLL approaches such as Continuous-phase switching response, fine frequency resolution, Fast settling time, and low phase noise are features easily obtainable in the DDS systems. The aim of this paper starts from the DDS circuit structure and discusses the design method of DDS based on VHDL in detail.

DDS can refer to either Direct Digital Synthesis or ..

Understanding Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)

Gaurav Gupta and Monika Kapoor. Article: An Improved Analog Waveforms Generation Technique using Direct Digital Synthesizer. 78(5):17-20, September 2013. Full text available.

An analysis of Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) ..

Studying the data sheet showed me that I could build a direct-reading RF power meter by subtracting 2.10 V from the output, multiplying by 0.4, and applying the result to a ±200 mV digital panel meter with the decimal point moved two positions to the right.

The 14-bit ISL5314 provides a complete Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) ..