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So getlots of people to read your thesis and tell you what parts they couldnot understand.

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To PhD candidates the qualification is everything; it is the culmination of so much hard work. However, academics who have got their doctorates realise that the PhD is the start and not the end of the research process. Be prepared to discuss the flaws in your work. Don't worry, your examiners won't fail you if you say you wish you had taken a different approach.

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In preparation for the viva, say about ten days before, make sure you can answer the following questions: what is unique about your thesis? What is its central argument/finding? How does it differ from other key players in your field? Where could you go from here with this topic? Have a short, medium and long answer to each of those questions. In other words, if you are encouraged to sum up your answer in a few sentences be able to do so, and equally be able to speak for several minutes if need be.

cosmologists, genetics, aerospace are learning the value of our approach) there is a downside, in that often, a PhD takes a year to get to see what is worth building - this is why it is often wirth doing a PhDin a larger research project context (just as physicists go and usethe accelerator at CERN.....:-) >It would be nice if we could turn these rough notes into >a good collection of advice, so if you've got any contributions >(questions students would like answered or advice from staff >who have examined PhDs) then please email me and I'll add them to >the Web page.

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