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This lock is released when the toe of the prosthetic foot is in contact with the ground and weight is transferred off of the prosthesis.

Manual Locking Knees (Impact Level Low)

A Manual Lock feature can be added to many knee designs and would usually be used by very low impact level individuals, who need to ambulate with no possibility of the knee bending, unless the lock is manually released.

4 Bar Knees (Impact Level Low to Moderate unless it is combined with pneumatic or hydraulic control for High)

This type of knee is designed to have more than one center of rotation throughout the bending cycle and in this way mimics the human anatomical knee joint.

Many types of prosthetic suspension systems, including suction fitting and locking pin mechanisms are used.

LROI-rapportage By type of knee prosthesis

Close to 2 million Americans are living with some type of amputation. Although it is viewed as a last resort after illness or injury, it is sometimes unavoidable. However, because of modern advances in surgery and prosthetic devices, amputation does not have to become a permanent handicap. In fact, many patients are able to regain the use of their damaged limbs and lead relatively normal lives.

After amputation, you will most likely be fitted with some type of prosthetic. There are 3 basic types of transradial prostheses:

The main component of Okayama University-type retinal prosthesis (OUReP) is a photoelectric dye molecule, the structure of which is shown. The dye molecules are attached to a polyethylene film, resulting in a promising retinal implant. Quantitative testing experiments were done on the response of dye-coupled (OUReP) films and plain films, implanted in rats, to flashing LED light.

Marathon running, basketball, baseball and other sports require the use of other types of prosthetic feet.