A thesis should not be expressed in muddled or incoherent language:

In human history, man-kind has always moved from one place to the next in search of knowledge.

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Advancement to Candidacy forms are available in the Office of Graduate Studies. The student fills out the form after planning a degree program in consultation with a Recreation Parks & Tourism Administration advisor. The completed form is then returned to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval.

This option allows students flexibility in the selection of courses in the areas of:

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Analyzes the functions of managers including planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. Also examines basic principles, techniques and tools associated with these functions. Consideration of internal and external environments which influence the managerial process and the manager's role in various areas of enterprise activity.

Addresses the etiology and nature of common disabling conditions and examines issues of leisure participation and inclusion for underrepresented populations. Topics include: attitudinal barriers, advocacy, normalization, universal design, activity analysis and modification, and legislation. Emphasis on leadership, supervision and organizational development of inclusive and recreation therapy programs.

Game theory, 153 German tourists, 89 Guttman scaling, 129

Identity, 165
Image, 199, 221
IMC, 65
Indigenous peoples, 15
Indigenous tourism, 15
Indonesia, 721
Institutional theory, 821
Integrated marketing communication(s), 65, 209
Intelligent tourism, 538
International Academy for the Study of Tourism, 3
International tourism, 231
International tourist demand, 353
Internet distribution channels, 821
Interpretation, 49
Invented reality, 139
Issues, 15
Italy, 127

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Expenditure, 425
Explicit attitudes, 299

Family holidays, 555
Fantasmatics, 499
Fijian Highlanders, 31
Florence, 601
Forecasting models, 701
Future intentions, 713

Game theory, 287
Gaming motivation, 197
GDP, 485
Generation Y, 735
Global positioning systems, 71
Globalization, 89, 269

Halal tourism, 461
Happiness, 399
Heterogeneity, 147
Hospitality, 269
Hospitality industry, 689
Hospitality training, 273
Host community attitudes, 471
Hot springs tourism, 531
Hotel, 461
Hotel advertising, 331
Hotel marketing, 331
Hotel occupancy, 357
Hybridity, 743

Tourism Masters research students theses, …


Guest Editors: Kenneth F. Backman and Aloyce Nzuki

Introduction to Part I of the Special Issues on State of Tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa
Kenneth F. Backman and Aloyce Nzuki, Guest Editors

Enhancing Rural Livelihoods Through Tourism Education and Strategic Partnerships: A Uganda Case Study
J. Michael Campbell, K. MacKay, and Christine Dranzoa

Ecotourism Development and Challenges: A Kenyan Experience
Roselyne N. Okech

Tourism, Indigenous People, and the Challenge of Development: The Representations of Ovahimbas in Tourism Promotion and Community Perceptions Toward Tourism
Jarkko Saarinen

Tourism Pathways to Prosperity: Perspectives on the Informal Economy in Tanzania
Susan L. Slocum, Kenneth F. Backman, and Kenneth L. Robinson

Africa’s Natural Heritage: Trouble in Paradise or New Opportunities in a World Looking for Experiences and Authenticity?
Karel Werdle

On Safari in Botswana: Describing the Product
Nerine C. Bresler

Competitiveness of Southern African Development Community as a Tourist Destination
Haretsebe Manwa

Destination Branding in Zimbabwe: From Crisis to Recovery
Joram Ndlovu and Ernie T. Heath


The Sage Handbook of Tourism Studies (Tazim Jamal and Mike Robinson, editors)
Michael Clancy

The benefits of tourism on the Jamaican Economy

Surveys current and historical perspectives of leisure education from a multicultural and life span viewpoint. Current modes of service delivery will be discussed as they relate to leisure theories. Methods of leisure education provision in diverse settings from school-park collaboratives, retirement and rehabilitation centers, to corporate wellness will be investigated. Development, implementation and management of viable leisure education services will be covered as well presentation, training and consultation skills.