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Tourism Management is only available for students who were enrolled in the major prior to 2016.

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You attend the Tourism Management programme in Deventer. Saxion Deventer is located at less than 10 minutes walking distance from the central station. Saxion offers ample study support facilities. You will find a library, learning resource centre, student desk, a start-up point to support you if you want to start your own business, and an IC help desk.
Of course there’s more to being a student than just studying. There’s a vibrant social and learning environment with a café, bakery, large restaurant and a theatre hosting special events such as seminars.

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Costs for study trips will vary. In the first year the estimated cost is €400. The Tourism Management programme offers two study trips during the first year. Participation fees for study trips in the second and third year depend on the destination, which changes in relation to current trends and developments.

You can also take part in various excursions during your study. Students themselves cover all expenses involved in these excursions. Needless to say, costs incurred during your internship period depend strongly on the destination of your choice.

The tourism industry requires staff to dress appropriately. This means it’s very important that Tourism Management students are aware of the dress etiquette. This will be explained in detail in class.
There is no standard attire that you need to buy for the programme. We expect you to provide your own suitable clothes (business casual or professional) and to dress appropriately for business or leisure occasions, assessments or field trips. This may involve extra costs. We ask that you buy your own name badge (€7,50) so that others may recognise you, signifying hospitality.

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The Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management is housed in Lehotsky Hall on Clemson University’s campus. There are several entities of the department in other locations on and off campus.

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The Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management helps students develop and enhance professional leadership abilities, technical and research skills, and career opportunities through a blend of theory and practice. Theoretical areas of study include management theory and practice, operations analysis, organizational and leadership development, cultural diversity, and research methods. Professional areas of study include lodging management; food and beverage management; meeting, convention, and exhibition management; and other elective courses in hospitality and tourism, business, or training and development. Through intensive study, students engage in creative problem solving and apply research methods to issues and trends in the industry.

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The M.S. thesis in PRTM consists of 36 credit hours of coursework. The M.S. thesis contains 11 credit hours of core coursework in PRTM, 19 collateral area credit hours, and 6 thesis hours. The four concentration areas that are offered for the M.S. non-thesis degree are Travel and Tourism (T&T); Recreational Therapy (RT); Parks and Conservation Area Management (PCAM); and Community Recreation, Sport and Camp Management (CRSCM). Up to 12 credits of graduate courses below the 8000-level may count toward the degree requirements as determined by the Graduate Committee. No more than 12 hours earned as a non-degree seeking student may count toward the M.S. (Thesis) degree.

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The ideal candidate for the Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Roosevelt University is the management professional with significant industry experience, an individual who seeks an opportunity to develop professional competencies through a graduate program in the field. Such an individual may have an undergraduate degree in hospitality management, business, or in a related field. The graduate program also allows individuals seeking positions within hospitality management education to develop skills and understanding required in adult education. An interested professional whose credentials may differ from the background suggested as ideal may qualify for admission by enrolling in selected prerequisite courses prescribed by the graduate advisor.