Enantioselective Total Synthesis of 6,7-Dideoxysqualestatin H5

The Use of the Radical Cations under Nonoxidative Conditions in Total Synthesis

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A concise total synthesis of the cytotoxic marine natural product amphidinolide X (1) is described. A key step of the highly convergent route to this structurally rather unusual macrodiolide derivative consists of a newly developed, highly syn selective formation of allenol 6 by an iron-catalyzed ring opening reaction of the enantioenriched propargyl epoxide 5 (derived from a Sharpless epoxidation) with a Grignard reagent. Allenol 6 was then cyclized with the aid of Ag(I) to give dihydrofuran 7 containing the ()-configured quarternary sp3 chiral center at C19 of the target. The anti-configured chiral centers at C10 and C11 were formed by the palladium-catalyzed, Et2Zn-promoted addition of propargyl mesylate 12 to the functionalized aldehyde 11. The key fragment coupling at the C13−C14 bond was achieved by the “9-MeO-9-BBN” variant of the alkyl-Suzuki reaction. Finally, the 16-membered macrodiolide ring was formed by a Yamaguchi esterification/lactonization strategy.

Part 101: Convergent total synthesis of 1,6-dioxygenated carbazole alkaloids

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A concise total synthesis of the cytotoxic marine natural product amphidinolide X (1) is described

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Part II: towards a total synthesis of amphidinolide X.

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Porino Va; Total Synthesis of Amphidinolide E and Amphidinolide E ..

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Total synthesis of amphidinolide E

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Thence we embarked on a systematic screening to first establish the substrate scope of this facile isomerization, before commencing on the application of this methodology to the syntheses of two natural products — papulacandin D and amphidinolide X.

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In a microwave vial, the appropriate anthranilic acid was dissolved in DMF at room temperature. After the appropriate amine was added, the reaction mixture was heated under microwave conditions. The crude reaction was monitored via low resolution mass spectrometry and purified using reverse-phase HPLC to provide the desired product. The percent yield was calculated from the mass of the purified sample. 1H NMR was used to confirm the structure of the product.