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Implementing SOA: Total Architecture in Practice

Brevetoxin B was isolated from the red tide organism in 1981 as the first example of marine polycyclic ethers. This compound shows potent neurotoxicity, by binding to sodium channels, causing massive fish kills and human health problems. Since further biological studies are hampered by the limited availability from nature, chemical synthesis has been the sole realistic way to obtain sufficient amounts of brevetoxin B. Moreover, the huge molecular architecture is a particularly attractive target for synthetic chemists. In this account, we describe the highly convergent total synthesis of brevetoxin B based on our methodology, including intramolecular allylation and subsequent ring-closing metathesis.

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In this second book, , he guides you through the entire process of designing and developing a successful total architecture at both project and enterprise levels.

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AB - In this paper we propose a generalized technique to count the required number of registers in a schedule which supports overlapped scheduling and can be applied to the case where a general digit-serial data format is used. This technique is integrated into an integer linear programming (ILP) model for time-constrained scheduling. In the ILP model, appropriate processors of certain data formats are chosen from a library of processors and data format converters are automatically inserted between processors of different data formats if necessary. Then the required number of registers for each data format is evaluated correctly by the proposed technique. Hence an optimal architecture for a given digital signal processing algorithm is synthesized where the cost of registers as well as the cost of processors and data format converters are minimized. It is shown that by including the cost of registers in the synthesis task as proposed in this paper leads to up to 12.8% savings in the total cost of the synthesized architecture when compared with synthesis performed without including the register cost in the total cost.

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The defines system boundary and functions, from which more detailed system requirements can be derived. The starting point for this process may be to identify functional requirements from the stakeholder requirements and to use this to start the architectural definition, or to begin with a high level functional architecture view and use this as the basis for structuring system requirements. The exact approach taken will often depend on whether the system is an evolution of an already understood product or service, or a new and unprecedented solution (see ). However, when the process is initiated it is important that the stakeholder requirements, system requirements, and logical architecture are all complete, consistent with each other, and assessed together at the appropriate points in the systems .

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Hinckdentine A (1) was isolated from the bryozoans Hincksinoflustra denticulate living in the eastern coast of Tasmania. Its structure and absolute configulation were determined by single-crystal X-ray analysis. Hinckdentine A (1) has a unique architecture containing of seven -membered lactam ring fused to the tribromoindolo[1,2-]quinazoline with a quaternary carbon center. The framework of 1 consists of biologically important dihydrotryptamine and dihydropyrimidine units together with cataleptically active indolo[1,2-c]quinazoline core, though the biological activity of 1 has not appeared in the literature.
We have accomplished the first total synthesis of (+/-)-hinckdentine A (1). The key steps are -CPBA oxidation of 2-arylindole followed by acid-mediated Mannich-type C-C bond formation of 2-hydroxyindolin-3-one, seven-membered ring closure and regioselective tribromination.

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AB - The sarcodictyins A - F and eleutherobin comprise a family of marine- derived diterpenoids with potent cytotoxicities against various tumor cell lines. Investigations have revealed that several of these compounds exert their cytotoxic effects through tubulin binding in a mechanism analogous to that of the clinical anticancer drug Taxol(TM). The biological importance, challenging molecular architecture, and relative scarcity of these natural products have prompted several groups to undertake their total chemical synthesis. In this review, we summarize the current synthetic efforts and examine the preliminary structure-activity relationships which have emerged from early combinatorial libraries.