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Todd has accomplished much in his young life. Multi-talented, Todd is both an athlete and musician, and is trained in a variety of construction roles. A skilled excavator operator, Todd studied at the Vancouver Island University. To the outside world it might have appeared that Todd had it all, but in fact, his life had taken an unexpected turn, and he slid into addiction during his 20s. By the time he entered the Baldy Hughes community in January 2015, he could barely recognize himself and the state of his life any more. “I came to Baldy Hughes because I was trapped in addiction, and felt hopeless, lost and disconnected from everyone I cared about”, said Todd. “I had considered going to a treatment centre far away from the temptations of everyday life, and when I heard about Baldy Hughes I made the decision on the spot to come here.”

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The Honorable Todd M. Hughes became the newest member of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Monday morning, September 30, 2013, at a swearing-in ceremony in the chambers of Chief Judge Randall R. Rader. The Chief Judge administered the oath of office at approximately 11:00am while Judge Hughes placed his hand on the historic Lincoln Bible, which was held by his mother, Barbara. Friends and family members who witnessed the swearing-in included Leanne Macel, Geovette Washington, Armando Bonilla, Jackie Bonilla, Laurel Rimon, Martin Hockey, Sean McNamara, Claudia Burke, Reid Prouty, Jeanne Davidson, Cristina Ashworth, Will Ashworth, and Andy Zehe.

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Todd now has a very clear vision for his future. He is keen to get back into the workforce, but also understands that being of service and helping others is key to his on-going recovery. “My time at Baldy Hughes has given me structure and discipline that I can transfer to my new life,” said Todd. “I can now be of service to people that are still suffering from addiction, as well as my new community of friends.”

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