Begins: Atmospheric carbon dioxide – a tale of two timescales

Carbon dioxide is taken in by land vegetation, most of which is located in the Northern Hemisphere.

Searching for the compound that combines with carbon dioxide

As some echelon of carbon dioxide is required by crops for photosynthesis, certain crops like cereals releases methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere during pre-harvest and post-harvest crop production.

How much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere?

How long does carbon dioxide stay in the atmosphere?

At the same time, various natural processes remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere--for example, the oceans absorb it, and plants require it for photosynthesis.

Feed the algae NaHO3 for over 15 min so all the compounds involved in photosynthesis are labelled.

Since 1957 a record of the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere has been kept at Mauna Loa in Hawaii (Figure 3). This record show a clear increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of about 1.2 ppmv or 0.3% per year. The sawtooth shape is due to the annual fluctuation of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere arising from the annual growth cycle.

What can be done to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Time lag between photosynthesis and carbon dioxide ..

Hi Willem, the key difference is that I account for the carbon-13 isotope measurements in the current atmosphere. The IPCC, as far as I know, takes no account of this. Their model would not be compatible with the actual measurements.

The process of plant photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide ..

If you plot the delta T spectrum using the unfiltered periodogram on log-log scales and showing chi-squared confidence limits it becomes apparent that the apparently strong peak at 10^-5 yr^-1 is not really significant. What is significant is the whitening at lower frequencies. I used a coin tossing experiment to demonstrate that this peak and the whitening can be attributed to a bounded random walk process. See

Ecosystem photosynthesis regulates soil respiration on …

I ha ahevother work to do and sh kimmed this, but looked for the evidence based points. So there is C-13 based evidence for the rather obvious but not well documented with fact hypothesis that the other non anthropogenic life forms on the planet are happy to mop up a lot of the CO2 Humans produce, indeed will be grateful for it, as I also read plants developed photosynthesis when CO2 levels were much higher that today, so are happeir working at higher levels of atmospheric CO2 ?

The highly variable time lags between photosynthesis and soil ..

Mohiuddin O, Asumadu-Sarkodie S, Obaidullah MThe relationship between carbon dioxide emissions, energy consumption, and GDP: A recent evidence from Pakistan.

Ecosystem photosynthesis regulates ..

Lurking in the back of my mind is the suspicion that there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way ice core records are processed. This is an example. A “model” that shows more snow accumulation during interglacials when ice sheets are retreating than during glacials when ice sheets are advancing is counterintuitive. It’s also the exact opposite of what we see in the high-resolution Quelccaya ice core record, where the LIA is clearly defined by a decrease in temperature and an in snow accumulation rate.

The Process Of Photosynthesis Explained ..

There is, then, some good news amid all the gloom and alarmism. There have been vast increases in human agricultural productivity throughout the twentieth and early twenty-first century. Most of this is of course due to improvements in plant strains, fertilisers, mechanisation etc; But nonetheless a (significant) part must also be down to the fact that it is easier for plants (including the ones we cultivate) to grow when there is more carbon dioxide in the air.