Best Time of the Day to Drink Protein Shake for Muscle Gain

Training has a bigger effect; protein synthesis is ramped up for 24 hours in trained people.

I recommend shooting for at least 30 grams of protein in your shakes

The PURE system is more robust and convenient than most extract-based systems for many in vitro applications. The immediate advantage is the significantly reduced level of all contaminating activities. It can be used to express a wide range of protein targets and has the capacity for a yield of more than 100 μg/ml. The activity of the synthesized protein can often be directly assayed without purification due to the low background activity of the translation mixture. All recombinant protein factors inside the PURE system are His-tagged, in some cases allowing the synthesized protein to be “reverse-purified” (Figure 1,2)(3). The purity of this system allows it to withstand more than five freeze-thaw cycles without losing its efficiency, further extending its shelf life (Figure 3)(Cantor, E., unpublished observation).

Have a short half time because the proteins that are synthesized must be changed over time.

at which time protein synthesis occurs.

There's been considerable research on exactly what type of nutrition is needed to maximally activate protein synthesis. While we'll discuss specifics later, it's important to know that only the essential amino acids (EAAs) have been shown to activate protein synthesis, with in particular being the most important for turning on the protein synthesis machinery.

The ribosomal subunits are reusable and not for the synthesis of a specific protein.

The process of synthesis of RNAs (mRNA, tRNA and rRNA) from DNA by the enzyme RNA polymerase is known as transcription. At the time of transcription, the RNA polymerase binds with double stranded DNA (gene) at a particular site (in prokaryotes known as promoter site) and after unwinding of the two strands of DNA by the rotation of the DNA, it starts copying one of
the two strands, known as coding strand (sense strand or template strand). The other strand of the DNA, which is not copied for the RNA synthesis, is known as non-coding strand (antisense strand) (Fig. 8.6).

Researchers characterize Ssb chaperone protein for the first time

i.ρ-dependent Termination: In some prokaryotes, the termination of transcription is helped by a ρ (rho) protein that gets attached at the 5′ end of the newly synthesizing mRNA. The ρ then moves along the mRNA and induces the formation of hairpin loop near the 3′ end of mRNA due to the presence of inverted repeated sequences. This helps in the detachment of mRNA from the DNA (Fig. 8.9).

Research Review: Fast vs. slow whey for protein synthesis

Since the early pioneering work of Nirenberg and Matthaei in 1961 (1), which demonstrated in vitro protein translation using cell extracts, cell-free protein synthesis has become an important tool for molecular biologists by playing a centn Dr. Takuya Ueda’s lab at the University of Tokyo. This became known as the “PURE” system, which stands for “Protein synthesisral role in a wide variety of applications (2). In the post-genomic era, cell-free protein synthesis has the potential to become one of the most important high throughput technologies for functional genomics and proteomics.

Fast digestion is best for boosting muscle protein synthesis

The post-workout meal is the most important for amping up protein synthesis after a workout. Muscle cells are primed for protein synthesis in the hours after training, but only if the right nutrition is there.

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Importantly, activation of protein synthesis in the seems to ultimately determine how well we respond to training in the . What this means is that not only are workouts needed to maximally activate protein synthesis, but the right nutrition needs to be there at precisely the right time for this to happen.

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The window is only open for a short time, and long term gains in muscle can be compromised if protein intake is delayed for as little as two hours after training. Hit this window just right, and you'll grow a heck of a lot more – miss it, and you may not grow at all!