It shows airglow of the upper atmosphere as a thin blue line.

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Audio and Text:
The usage of newspaper clippings as factual data from when the incident occurred demonstrates logos.
The interviews introducing the characters verbally and
The audio/music used in the interviews was upbeat and contradicted what was being said.
Before the reenactments of the murder, music was played, quickly ended, and five gunshots were heard, amplifying the sound.

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"The Thin Blue Line" and the Ambiguous Truth - …

Williams, Linda. “Mirrors without Memories: Truth, History, and The Thin Blue Line.Documenting the Documentary, edited by Barry Keith Grant and Jeannette Sloniowski, Wayne State University Press, 2014, pp. 385-403.

Musser, Charles. “The Thin Blue Line: A Radical Classic.” Criterion. 26 March 2015.

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Human beings are the main reason for the decline in the Mission Blue’s natural habitat....

The Thin Blue Line directed by Errol Morris was released in 1986

The Thin Blue Line directed by Errol Morris was released in 1986. It is a landmark investigative documentary that became the gold standard for virtually every investigative film and television documentary to come. For this internet assignment, please research this film and answer the following: How did Thin Blue Line set the standard for investigative documentaries? What influence did the film have on staged reenactments? What was the films impact on the conviction of Randall Dale Adams?

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It should provide, in brief form, the main content of your paper.

•is the most concise formulation of your argument–the no frills version of the case you are making.

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You might, for example, reword that final sentence to this: "But his speech is hampered by examples which, under the careful examination speeches do not allow, seem poorly thought out." So, now that we've got content down, what about sequence?

Thesis as a Roadmap: Sequence

Your thesis also suggests how your paper will be structured or ordered.

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What the thesis does for the entire paper, it does for a single section.

Thesis Examples

1) In this passage, Cohen uses many different types of strategies to portray his argument to the many different types of people all around the world.

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