Here’s how you can remove that from the admin ..

28/02/2011 · How to Add or Remove Links From the WordPress 3.1 Admin ..

These menu items can be managed from WordPress Admin ..

But if you don't want to learn CSS, Thesis is the only theme I know that let's you drastically change your blog's design by using simple drop-down menus in the WordPress Admin panel.

Extensive Admin Panel with Theme Options ..

If you don't know much CSS then you will be restricted to minimal the design options provided in the WordPress Admin panel -- such as switching columns around, changing font sizes and colors, adding/deleting other custom Thesis sections etc.

I’ve read so many times, from successful bloggers and website admins, that one of the biggest tips they can give is to build trust, build trust in your website, but even more – to build trust in you as the author. One of the first things, first ways to help build up trust is to [...]