Unbeknown to everybody, Rachel is apparently the pregnant one.

Kargel’s written heritage, PhD thesis, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa.

The teacher (Sarah) is quickly impressed byher talents.

So far, the reviews I’ve seen have been by people who are creating new sites. I would like to know how easy/hard it is to install the new theme onto an existing wordpress blog. I’m fairly tech savvy. How easy to switch from a Thesis themed site, or a Revolution News Theme (the older ones, not the new studio press themes).

I shall give a 10 to Thesis for their marketing skills, and the product presentation.

Renna, Thomas. “Wyclif’s Attacks on the Monks.” 267-80.

—. Lollardy and Orthodox Religion in Pre-Reformation England: Reconstructing Piety. London: Royal Historical Society, 2006. [“Lutton examines the pious practices and dispositions of families and individuals in relation to the orthodox institutions of parish, chapel and guild, and the beliefs and activities of Wycliffite heretics. He takes issue with portrayals of orthodox religion as buoyant and harmonious, and demonstrates that late medieval piety was increasingly diverse and the parish community far from stable or unified. By investigating the generation of family wealth and changing attitudes to its disposal through inheritance and pious giving in the important Lollard centre of Tenterden in Kent, he suggests that rapid economic development and social change created the conditions for a significant cultural shift.”]

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—. Philosophy and Politics in the Thought of John Wyclif. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. [John Wyclif was the fourteenth-century English thinker responsible for the first English Bible, and for the Lollard movement which was persecuted widely for its attempts to reform the church through empowerment of the laity. Wyclif had also been an Oxford philosopher, and was in the service of John of Gaunt, the powerful duke of Lancaster. In several of Wyclif’s formal, Latin works he proposed that the king ought to take control of all church property and power in the kingdom – a vision close to what Henry VIII was to realize 150 years later. This book argues that Wyclif’s political program was based on a coherent philosophical vision ultimately consistent with his other reformative ideas, identifying for the first time a consistency between his realist metaphysics and his political and ecclesiological theory. Specifically, the book argues that Wyclif’s metaphysics serves as intellectual foundation for his political thought. Lahey examines the concept of dominium both as divine universal by causality and as instantiated in prelapsarian (natural) and postlapsarian (civil) forms, illustrating the close ties between Tractatus de Universalibus, De Civili Dominio and De Dominio Divino.]

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