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After analyzing the unique and challenging constructability issues on the River Vue Apartments project, as-built drawing inconsistencies and coordination were two of the most significant challenges. The as-built drawings caused some challenges on the project during the construction phase. Coordination of the MEP systems took an extensive amount of time because of as-built drawing inconsistencies and the existing steel and the tight constraints between the structure and the future building heights. The goals for this technical analysis are to analyze the effects of using 3D laser scanning technologies to evaluate existing building conditions and to determine the cost and schedule impact. Also, it is important to analyze how the 3D laser scanning technology contributes to a 3D model and 3D coordination.

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During the PACE Roundtable’s Energy Management Services session, industry professionals discussed many key topics about energy management, a critical industry issue, and its techniques for residential buildings like River Vue Apartments. Occupant behavior has a major impact on the building’s energy consumption. However, it is a challenge to have energy efficient electrical and lighting systems that are beneficially used by the building’s occupants. Most building occupants do not understand how much their behavior can harm the building’s energy performance. The goal for this technical analysis is to research new ideas for electrical and lighting systems that are energy efficient, but simple enough for the occupants of the building to use the system correctly without jeopardizing their comfort.

Very few sustainable design techniques were used on the project. The goals for this technical analysis are to develop a preliminary resident-accessible green roof system design, analyze the structural impact of the load-bearing green roof system, and determine the financial and energy feasibility of incorporating this new roof system into the existing building. Also, a structural breath will analyze how the load-bearing green roof system affects the existing Level 2 roof’s structure.