Problems with Teaching the Word Order of English to Turkish Students.

where the teaching medium is English, phd dissertation on language, thesis on language.

SIU's Department of Linguistics offers the MA TESOL degree

Jan 1, 2011 The author of this thesis focuses on effective vocabulary teaching English language learners in their journey of language acquisition and Examples - examples help learners to understand the meaning of new words.

Phd Thesis English Language Teaching

An Investigation into the Academic English Language needs of Students at Yildiz University and Diciplinary Teachers' Attitudes towards English- Medium Instruction at the Tertiary Level. Supervisor: Dr.

Attitudes of Teachers and Students towards the Assessmennt System at Hacettepe University Basic English Division and their Opinions about Alternative Methods of Assessment.

Master Thesis In English Language Teaching

Students following the non-thesis option are required to take two additional courses beyond those included in the core and elective categories. These courses serve as ones in which students can apply what they have been learning to designated topics, issues, and problems related to the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. These courses are writing intensive, which is to say that they require students to demonstrate their understanding through written assignments; they generally require a final written project. The two courses selected by the student as focus courses must be from the following group of courses:

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Teachers' Understandings of Projects and Portfolios at Hacettepe University School of Foreign Languages Basic English Division. Supervisor: Dr.

Thesis Teaching English Vocabulary Classroom

Perceptions of Teachers and Testers of Achievement Tests Prepared by Testers in the Department of Basic English at the Middle East Technical University.

Thesis - Students Teaching English Paper Strategies

There are two options for completing the MA TESOL degree, a thesis option and a non-thesis option. In both cases, 33 credits are required. Both options include three components: a group of core courses totaling 18 semester credit hours, elective courses totaling 9 semester hours, and a concentration ­ either a thesis (thesis option) or additional course work from a selected group of focus courses (non-thesis option) which provides the final 6 semester hours.

Phd Thesis On English Language Teaching

Classical Humanist, Reconstructionist and Progressivist Traits of the English Language Teaching Curriculum at Mustafa Kemal University. Supervisor: Dr.

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Assesing the Effectiveness of the 'New Teachers' Training Course' at Eastern Mediterranean University English Preparatory School in Northern Cyprus. Supervisor: Dr.