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Thesis: process X is a better way to do task Y than any previouslyknown method

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Feel free to substitute "process X" with "memoryorganization X" or what ever else might make one theory different fromanother. Make sure you clearly specify the class of tasks Y to which yourthesis applies.

Thesis: process X is a terrible way to do Y, or people don't use processX

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Origin of thesisLatin from Greek from tithenai to put ; see dhē- in Indo-European roots. Senses 5 and 6, Middle English from Late Latin lowering of the voice from Greek downbeat

Origin of thesisClassical Latin from Gr, a placing, position, proposition from base of tithenai, to put, place: see do

Your thesis is not your dissertation. Neither is it a one liner about whatyou are doing. Your thesis is "a position or proposition that a person(as a candidate for scholastic honors) advances and offers to maintain byargument." [Webster's 7th New Collegiate Dictionary]. "I looked athow people play chess" is not a thesis; " people adapt memories ofold games to play new games" is. Similarly, "I wrote a program toplay chess" is not a thesis; "playing chess requires a database ofactual games" is. A thesis has to claim something.

This is usually defended by a logical argument. It is usually very toughto do, even if the argument doesn't have to be formalized.

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Highly unlikely. If you're bright, educated, and have worked hard ona topic for more than a year, you must have learned something no one elseknew before. The first mistake that students make is to think that athesis has to be grander than the theory of relativity. A thesis shouldbe new and interesting, but it doesn't have to change the foundations ofall we believe and hold dear.

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Defending a real thesis is hard. If you think you have a lot of theses,you probably just have a bunch of undefended claims. One good thesis, ortwo so-so theses, with adequate description and defense, is more than enoughto fill up a dissertation.

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Don't try to come up with a thesis first, and then investigate it. Startby exploring some task domain. Take some initial ideas and push them hardfor a year or so. Now, stop and think about what you've done and what you'velearned. Among your accomplishments and experience, there will be severalgood candidate theses. Pick one. Test it out on your advisor and other facultymembers. Test it out on other students. Is it a claim that you can describeclearly and briefly? Is it a claim that anyone cares about? Is it a claimthat people don't find perfectly obvious, or if they do find it obvious,can you convince them that it could easily be false.

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