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Red clover was drilled in one half of the wheat plots in early spring of each year (RC treatment); hairy vetch was planted in the other half (HV treatment) 4 to 6 weeks following wheat harvest.

Wheat Fields 'The Lord gave Mos[es] the following regulations for the religious Festivals, when the people of Israel are to gather to worship.'
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(wheat fields vs cotton fields)

However, if one was to do this, the question would be why not grow the seed in the field and harvest early (small grain forage is an EXCELLENT forage cut early-lots of dairies in the CA's central valley use that - boot stage or vegetative stage wheat, barley, or triticale).

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Statements in the literature, such as, “Since the first farmers, strains of wheat have been selectively bred for their gluten content, and the gluten content has progressively increased through time” and “...the selection of wheat varieties with higher gluten content has been a continuous process during the past 10,000 years...” are therefore not correct.

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